$500k for answering one existential question, is there a life after death?

$500k for answering one existential question, is there a life after death?

Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies awards 500k to a person who can answer about life after death. I guess this a question that everyone would like to know. The problem is that the question is tricky. To know that life exists after death, someone should first die and come back to make us sure. Does it seem far-fetched?

If so, I will introduce you to NDE, Near-death experience. A near-death experience person has died because of some circumstances or accident and came back to life. By death, I mean medical death.

Many people have given their testimony and told their stories. Many NDE stories have been confirmed by fact and evidence.

Here we have two undeniable things. The first one is that the person has been declared dead medically. The second is that many of these accounts present facts and information after coming back that they should not know.

The question about life after death has occupied many people, but we fail to get confirmation because we are looking at physical illusion, which is life.

As human/little gods, we possess a mind that can conclude, but unfortunately, logical conclusions are not enough for many people. These people are looking for some hard evidence and something tangible.

Anyway, I will give logical proof for life after death.

In the beginning, it was infinity. There was nothing else than infinity, and this is understandable because infinity covers everything. Now please note the word beginning. It does not now refer to the beginning of the one infinite creator. Here is a term we use to describe our understanding. Often beginning describes the start of the creation, but in this context, beginning refers to a point for us where we can have a pointer and start our explanation, and by no means the start of the one infinite creator. It does not mean that God has a beginning or end.

If you wonder why God cannot have a beginning or end, I can logically describe the reason for you. In general, something which has a start didn’t exist at some other point, but if we accept this for God, he has been created, and if he has been created, he is not infinite and omnipotent; hence he has a start. When we go the other way around, it means toward an end. He cannot have an ending either. If he ends, he cannot be forever, and if he cannot be forever, then he is not infinite; hence he is not God. So, the one infinite creator cannot have a beginning or end.

Is it logical to say that God has a paradox? It is reasonable to assume because little gods have the same qualities as the one infinite creator, so if we ask this question of ourselves, he must have asked the question as well. The notorious question asked. “Have I been forever of have I been created?” It is a fundamental paradox that even humans/little gods face. Knowing when the question was asked is essential because it was the first paradox. The question that we ask was also the question that the infinity asked himself. “Have I been from the beginning, or have I been created?” The problem is, where is the end? Does infinity have an end and a purpose?

The word paradox is our creation to describe problems that we do not have any solution for. As a higher density, the mysteries have their solutions and answer. It is in human nature to want answers to problems that seem to be unsolvable.

The one infinite creator, the source of light and love, solved this paradox. The answer was that he has been from the beginning. Now he decides to create. There are many reasons to start creating. Everyone has a specific answer to the question of why God creates. Whatever the real answers are and if we are right or not, we can just speculate unless we ask him directly, which I do not believe anyone has done.

To create and start the creation, the infinite creator needed to make a boundary. If you wonder why he needed a border for creation, imagine you are infinity if you will. Where will you start the first creation? You must choose a point to create this creation. To do this, you need a boundary.

Until now, I hope everything makes sense. The one infinite creator created everything, including us (but not as physical entities).

Here comes the logic if we are part of the infinite creator and part of infinity, so naturally, we cannot disappear totally.


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In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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