Pentagon finally admits recovering wreckage from UFO crashes.

Pentagon finally admits recovering wreckage from UFO crashes.

If you are a person who is active in research in this area, you know that the title is referring to UFO crash all around the US and Mexico. Otherwise, the most significant incident is the Roswell UFO crash. In that incident, the US military first informed the public that a UFO crashed and later changed the information and denied it. So now the Pentagon finally admits recovering wreckage from UFO crashes.

Here is the story, a researcher name Anthony Bragalia wrote to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) requesting details of all UFO material and testing. The letter was written in 2017 and was finally answered after three years.

Mr. Bragalia received a letter with 154 pages about various mysterious items such as “memory” metal called Nitinol that remembers its shape. Some of the other mysterious qualities of these objects are that some can make things invisible or even slow down light’s speed.

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Now the question is, what is your reaction to this news. If you have been reading about this subject for years, you are hardly surprised. You know that there is much more that is hidden than what they admit. If you have been an unbeliever, this news may open your eyes a bit, and you start to look at the horizon for other information.

Around 2014 I heard about SSP, which stands for Secret Space program. The person who holds the flag for this information was Corey Goode. Corey spoke of the secret military program where recruiting was ongoing all around the year. People with different skills were hired with a contract for 20 years of service and sent up there.

Every technology you can think of is already available in SSP, and people are kept in the dark. The law of one Ra material already confirmes this around 1984. Around that year, the US had already more than 1000 Space ship.

Although we are waiting for disclosure, the next level is not achieving more technological gadgets and machines. However, these technologies can help humanity with all sorts of problems. The Journey for each person starts within.

I have written several articles about vibration in this blog but know that we are vibrations and are part of infinity. If you wish to know about vibration, follow this link:

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I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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