Depression, Why am I constantly depressed?

Depression, Why am I constantly depressed?

People show a different reaction in different situations. A person who is always happy or has no worries, although there is nothing wrong with it, that person does not experience other feelings well, such as sadness, and so on. Is it good never to get angry? Is it good to be always happy? Can I be sad on command?  Some people are constantly depressed, so they ask themselves why I am constantly depressed?

Having one or two emotions at all times is like eating one or two types of foods all the time. I think it is not difficult to imagine that life would be boring if one had to eat just two types of food.

Now, some people may get confused. They may ask what is wrong to be happy all the time. I guess nothing if you feel like it but are you using all your emotions? I mean, if you have food on the table and eating and still happy. (this is just an example) At the same time, a child goes to sleep hungry on the other side of the world. You either do not know about it, or you have a problem with your emotions! Do not misunderstand me; there are many things you could be happy for globally, but it does no harm to have some empathy. By this, I don’t mean that the person should go and be all the time sad. I am saying that the concept in a society that considers a person who is happy all the time to be a perfect picture is wrong.

Our responsibility or what human/little gods are made for in this life is to experience.    

When you see, how do you feel? Are there injustices in the world? Did God create them? Or human? Who is responsible? A person who sleeps is not guilty if the house gets on fire, but if he is awake and the house gets on fire, he should try to turn it off. Right? What do you do when you see a fire?

Some people get in panic suddenly and see fire everywhere. Oh my God, where to start? If you just woke up, wash your face and take a cup of coffee or tea. In fact, take whatever it makes you get back your consciousness. Start to turn off the fire in your house and then the neighbor’s house.

Then you can travel and turn off the fire and help other people. If you have a big fire extinguisher that can turn off the fire from a distance, aim farther. I do not mean that one should literally start a fire or turn off a fire. This analogy is referring to the knowledge you gather and spreading them.

Life or love, which one to choose. Environment or economy, which one to choose?

Loving someone who is dead does not make any difference for him. Love someone who is alive. If people die of hunger, they could not enjoy the economical benefits. Does it make sense?

Can you hear? Can you see? Can you touch it? Enjoy the taste of food. Do you want to be drunk? Read a beautiful poem. Now people will say, I am against alcohol. Right? No, you do not get it. I will never in thousand years going to tell you what to do. Ask for advice, and it will be provided. Not all the advice should come from one source. If someone else can give advice that makes sense to you can listen. You do not need to experience it right at that moment. Things take time. Give it time, and you will reach there.


Nothing is wrong with being sad but try to enjoy little things. If sadness is all, you feel. You do not see the big picture. Talk with someone who can help you to see small and little things.

Thank you for reading this article. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the love and light of the one infinite creator.

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