Aliens and UFO

Cosmic web finally confirmed

Several years ago, I watched a TV series called cosmic disclosure on The series has been removed from I don’t know why. Anyway. Corey Goode, in that show, was talking about his personal experiences in SSP (Secret Space Program). […]

Social issues

Facebook opium of society.

At the time Facebook came out in 2004, most people considered it as an international forum. Many people who lost touch with their friends got another way to contact people from the past. It was great at the beginning; the aim was to keep in touch. […]

Aliens and UFO

Pentagon finally admits recovering wreckage from UFO crashes.

If you are a person who is active in research in this area, you know that the title is referring to UFO crash all around the US and Mexico. Otherwise, the most significant incident is the Roswell UFO crash. In that incident, the US military first informed the public that a UFO crashed and later changed the information and denied it. So now the Pentagon finally admits recovering wreckage from UFO crashes. […]


Depression, Why am I constantly depressed?

People show a different reaction in different situations. A person who is always happy or has no worries, although there is nothing wrong with it, that person does not experience other feelings well, such as sadness, and so on. Is it good never to get angry? Is it good to be always happy? Can I be sad on command? […]