Does one want a Rainbow body?

Does one want a Rainbow body?

To understand this question, first, you have to know the concept of a rainbow body. Id a person mediated for 12 years and so, and during these meditations, all he has is pure thoughts, then he can turn his body to energy. The released energy looks like a rainbow hence a rainbow body. I don’t wish to explain the rainbow body as a concept, but I have some thoughts around it that I will share. If you wish to know about the concept, search for “Rainbow body Tibet” or “Rainbow body Tibetian Buddhism.”

The concept of ascension to fourth density is activities that generate service to others. I.e., to be more in the service of others than self. The numerical presentation between these two services, i.e., service to others and service to self, is around 51%. It means if our daily activity is at least 1% toward service of others, then we have a positive orientation. (Please, if you do not know the positive orientation, density search in

So the question is how a monk who does not do any activity other than meditation could ascend? Do good thinking and bad thinking as valid as an action? I give you an example, can one support a clean environment and at the same time pollute the air with a machine?

Let me clarify this further the monk in our story does not do any good action, but he only thinks about “good though.”

Consider these three words.

  • In the beginning, it was the “word.”
  • In the beginning, it was the “thought.”
  • In the beginning, it was the “Logos.”

All three words mean the same. Now what the monk is doing is “thoughts.” He creates an environment around himself with good thoughts. In that way, he is in the service of others. I will give you another example, the word jings. If you have heard it, you know that the word forbids you or someone forbids you of putting bad thoughts in some situation.  I know that this is difficult to believe, but what we think can happen. It means it can come to reality. For example, if you wish to wake up early in the morning, you can wake up even without an alarm clock. On the other hand, if you wish a snowing Christmas, many others should wish the same thing for it to happen.

How could this be true?

Well, you have to understand that we are part of infinity.

The one infinite creator is infinity

So we are part of the infinte creator.

The one infinite creator creates through thoughts in many different ways, so if we are part of an infinite cerator, we can create it.

Let us say like this. Everyone can paint, but not everyone is Piccaso. This depends on seniority and practice. Everyone can make a voice with the violin, but not everyone is Niccolò Paganini.

Even regarding fourth density, although whoever is more to service to others than 51% has a positive orientation. There are differences in seniority. It is different between 51% and someone who is maybe 80% in service to others. It means 80% of this person’s actions benefit others, and only 20 % benefits himself.

So if you cannot be a Buddhist monk, try to be more helpful to others instead, it gives the same result. You may not go out with a bang but will have a goodbye party.

In the end, I hope you liked the article; if you liked it, share it with someone you care about. I leave you in the love and light of the one infinite creator.

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