What is Karma, and how to stop it?

What is Karma, and how to stop it?

I have written several articles explaining Karma, but I would like to explain a previously discussed concept. I mean, I have not introduced the concept of inertia in my blog. Karma is often introduced as balance. The fact that Karma is balance is correct, but yet something is missing.

Balance is the result of Karma, and it means when Karma does its job, and balance has been achieved. Karma by itself is inertia or movement that is caused by some action. When this movement is initiated, nothing can stop it until it has achieved balance. This is not entirely correct either. Karma can be stopped by forgiveness. Once forgiveness is achieved, then this inertia will sist to exist and will be stopped.

Let’s look at the law of physics, specifically laws of motion. A stationary object will stay at the same place until a force is applied to it. At the same time, an object that is in motion will continue moving until a force is applied to it to stop it. The force which makes the inertia of Karma is “action.” This action could be an injustice to someone to stop his free will. In this case, the balance will stop the Karma when another action makes the scale even.

Let us speak about forgiveness as a means to stop Karma. Suppose I apply an injustice toward someone. If I request that person’s forgiveness and if he forgives, then the wheel of Karma will be stopped. Simple “I forgive you” will not be enough, and this forgiveness must come from deep within the person who has been treated injustice.

Another fact for Karma is that person who regrets his actions can also forgive himself and stop Karma. That way, the wheel of Karma will stop as well. You may think this is not fair, but there are situations where a person cannot ask for forgiveness. For instance, when that person is no longer alive or he is unwilling to forgive. If the regret is real and the lesson is learned, the person can forgive himself.

Karma is a system made by the one infinite Creator to create balance in our lives, nothing is missed, and Karma forgives nobody until it makes balance otherwise.

People often ask why God doesn’t do anything. There is a lot of injustice in the world. Lots of sadness and sorrow. Doesn’t God see all of these?

Let’s start with the fact that we are created with free will. Although we have free will, we have planed some portion of our lives before incarnation.  This planning has built a web around us that we can go anywhere inside and between the spaces in the web, and we can even break the web. Most people decide to keep the web as it is. This cosmic web, which has been in the heavenly plan, defines some part of our lives. We may choose to have difficulty in our life to learn a specific lesson. We may choose to be reach and famous for learning some lesson from that aspect. This is generally what happens when someone is unfortunate.

The catalyst in our lives which directs us toward some direction and a lesson is always around.

If The one infinite Creator interfered in our lives in any way, it would destroy what we have planned and at the same time remove what he has given us, i.e., free will. Even with all the conditions above, God will interfere sometimes, and that is what we call miracles.

Even God does not wish to interfere. It doesn’t mean that he can stand by everything; that is why Karma is in place. Karma makes injustice to justice and makes balance.

IN the end, I would thank you for reading this article and, if you like it, share it with someone you care about. I leave you in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator.

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