There is something mystical with water

There is something mystical with water

First time I heard something strange about the water was in a documentary. The documentary’s title, which is freely available on youtube, is “Water Has Memory! Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment!” The documentary is about 2 hours and 44 minutes, but it is well worth watching. Besides this one, I have heard in other places from different people about water memory.

If you have heard about the love/hate flower experiment, the water experiment was similar.

Dr. Masaru believes that water is a “blueprint for our reality.” He claimed that the sound vibration of emotions could change water’s physical properties. In the water experiment, a glass of water is exposed to a different word, pictures, or music; then, this water is frozen. After the water has been frozen, ice crystals are observed with a microscope and photography. The conclusion is that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts created visually “pleasing” ice crystals and that negative emotion creat “ugly” ice crystal formations.

This simple experiment shows that thought and our consciousness can influence water, but the reality is even more strange than this.

I do not know if scientific methods can prove this, but I believe that the earth’s complete history is saved in water all around the earth. I mean, think about it. Water is available on earth everywhere. Some places more and some less but water as a necessity of life is available everywhere.

Everything we do and every emotion is transferred to water, and it is saved all around the earth. Suppose we knew how we could access every historical event from water. There would be no misunderstanding, and unlike history books, there are no mistakes.

Each time we are involved with water through drinking/washing/ bathing, and so on, we exchange information. This information is exchanged without the involvement of our intellect. It is our consciousness that is involved in this exchange.

If we consider different religions, many believe that water has holy properties. Christian baptize using water. The holy water is nothing other than vibration blessed with good wishes. Muslims wash up before praying; this cleansing is done with water. I mean, look around, you place a seed in the earth, and water gives life to this seed.

To consider the water as a central memory for planet earth is a valid theory. The same water which has been present on earth during the time of dinosaurs is still present. Water is an element that has not changed for millions of years. Water covers a huge amount of earth and has access to every corner, which may be hidden.

Suppose you are between people who are supporters of vibration. i.e., everything is vibration; you can agree that water is vibration as well. It is not difficult to add information to this vibration to act as a memory bank. The water experiment of Dr. Masaru Emoto proves this fact.

In the end, if you believe that water is a memory bank or not, it is not the purpose of this article. I wanted to show a side of a natural element that is mysterious, and I hope I succeeded with that purpose.

If you like this article, share it with someone you care about. I leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator.

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