What is happening to the world?

What is happening to the world?

The question is somewhat general, and I do not specify any exact direction for you to investigate on your own. Instead, I will mention that everybody has some experience in changes and difference between 30 years ago and now.

Lets us start with “Sleeping.” Many peoples, and by that, I mean MANY, have a problem falling asleep. This problem started to be more visible several years ago and got worse as time pass. The pharmaceutical companies are supplying the population with chemical substances/sleeping pills to help solve this problem beside; they make lots of money on this.

People behave strangely in that manner that they change their habits. Many people turn to alternative food, which is vegetarians. At no time in the past, we had so many people who are vegans or vegetarians. The majority of these people do not wish to eat meat because of compassion, and some turn to radicals and attack farms and other establishments for rescuing animals.

The psychological health of the population is considered to be worsening. However, this worsening is a question of view on the subject: hearing and seeing things that not everyone can be getting more common. I will get back to you on this subject and provide more information.

The planet is behaving crazy, Floods which one has never seen before. We see snowstorms that get worse by year and daisies, which spread on a global scale.

All of the above seem unrelated and seem to have no connection to each other, but I can provide you with clarification. The clarification or the answer is nothing secret. It is not only me who know about this. The information is widely available on the internet.

For you to understand this, you should understand that you are a tiny bit of eternity. What does this mean? It means that you have been created inside eternity; This also means that you have the qualities of God; hence you are a tiny part of eternity.

We are made of intelligent vibration, and like a fruit hanging on the tree, we get ripe as time passes and encounter new catalysts. A catalyst can be anything. For example, an elderly who drops something on the floor in front of us can be a catalyst. At that time, we need to decide whether to help her or not.

Beings on this planet or actually on any planet start with density 1. Density is the concentration of light. Different densities are vibrating different colors.

Ok, now to the problem I mentioned above. There is a cycle where an entity graduate to the next density. Erath and people on earth belong to third-density (there are seven densities), but the planet is also living being has already gone to fourth density. The thing which has happened is that the population was not ready for this change, and the vibration between the planet and beings on this planet do not match. This causes all sorts of problems.

Many people have already succeeded in talking to other entities that are from higher densities. If they are not ready, these people show different signs of stress, which may impact the psychological well-being of these people.

In this period, we shall see many signs, god becomes more compassionate, and evil people worsen.

This is what we see happening on earth right now. (Please note that I have simplified it to be able to explain in this short article. There are a lot more that you should find out.)

If you wish to know more, start by reading the law of on at:


To understand and the material is very hard if you found it difficult to read, read my book, it is somewhat easier if you can not efford to buy the book, send me a message, and provide it to you for free.

In the end, if you like the article, share it with someone who apricates it. I leave you in the love and light of the one infinite creator.

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