Scientists found the method to reverse age

Since the beginning of the dawn, people at a certain age wished to get younger again. We know of no documented case, but recently scientists succeeded in reversing the aging process in rat brain stem cells.

There are many tips on the internet on how to stay young, plant diet, exercise, meditation, keep the mind busy, etc. There are, however, no methods to reverse aging.

People often say, if I could go back to a time or if I could get younger again, I would not repeat a certain mistake, and this time I would do the things other ways but let’s get honest, most people don’t want to die when the time comes.

The reverse aging process has been done on rat brain stems; you may think there is a long way to reverse aging on the complete human body. We do not have the technology for it yet. Or do we?

“20-years and back” is a term a whistleblower has used to describe living a “normal” and age back 20 years. Here things get crazy and unbelievable. “20-years and back” refers to the SSP recruiting program where the Secret Space program recruits the smart brain and qualified people to work for them for 20 years. This is 20 years contract people work for SSP, and in the end, memories are wiped. These people have been promised a paycheck (big sum of money), education, and so on, but no money is being paid since they don’t remember. Let’s say hypodactyly a contract is written for a person between 2019 until 2039. He then starts his service in 2019 and finishes in 2039; then, he is sent back to 2019 and does not remember anything.

 In one episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode described the age regression followed by time travel back to his mission’s origin time. He explains the process used as many thousands recruited into these programs and then returned to normal life with their memories wiped.

This is not the first time Corey Goode has discussed age regression and time travel used in the SSP. Another whistleblower for SSP called Randy Cramer also explains identical age regression and time travel process as Corey Goode.

I don’t know if you wish for age regression or not, but basically, humans/little gods are made of vibration. Everything is made up of vibration. Vibration can not make us, but the intelligence and essence of life come from intelligent vibration. Vibrations need means to propagate, for example. Vibration in water is seen as waves in water. Sound vibration use air to go around. Since these vibrations are coming from eternity, they are part of the one infinite intelligence. Suppose you want to know what these vibrations pass through that make human/ little gods.

I do not know if a name can be proven, but I call it ether. This means when intelligent vibration pass-through ether, it creates intelligent beings. So what is my point with all of this?

I want to say that we humans are so hung on physical existence that we have forgotten that we are divine beings. Personally, I don’t wish to gt younger; I wish to go to the next step and another density.

The problem is that people do not show any interest, or they are in the very first stage of awakening. There is some group who just found out that UFOs are flying all around the world. (There are still many who think people who speak about UFO are crazy).

It is hard to unify an article and talk about everything. No one understands that all of this leads to spiritual progress, which is important because if you are not made of things, it means if you are vibration, all is left is spirituality.

Anyway, I hope you like the article or at least didn’t hate it. If you like it, share it with someone you care about. I leave you in the love and light of the one infinite creator.


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    He constantly кept preaching aƅout this. I’ll forѡarɗ
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