What may happen in 2021?

What may happen in 2021?

First, let me admit that I am not an oracle. Considering the interwind causalities generated by the action, reaction, and choices, any future is possible, i.e., predicting a 100% accurate future is not possible. If one would follow the action, reaction, and choices, then foreseeing possibilities probabilities vortexes is possible. Below I would like to speculate what may happen in 2021.

Suppose I put all the above in different terms. Foreseeing the exact future is not possible, but one can predict the most probable future. So by that, there are serval scenarios which may impact society in a big way.


If you are familiar with SSP and aliens, you know that there is some war between Cabal and Alliance. I don’t know if Trump plays any role in this, but recently we have seen a movement of different army fractions around the USA. This may indicate that there is a possibility of military action inside the USA. Some may call this a coop and some other libration. Trump may use the military to overturn the election result.

This will not be only about the US presidential election. We will see a ripple effect throughout the world, which will influence other governments. A minor disclosure of cooperation with Alines and the secret space program is very plausible.  This may sound strange for you, but Trump and many other high governmental people are aware of US cooperation with Alines since 1940:s

3rd and 4th density Aliens may reveal themselves.

During recent years, especially in 2019, UFO activities have been increasing exponentially. 4th density aliens follow one of the cosmic laws called the law of confusion or free will; these aliens will not interfere directly or in any way that would infringe our free will. However, recent activity indicates that they are preparing to reveal themselves in mass. This will remove any doubt about their existence. One of the examples besides that huge amount of pictures and video clips is strange monoliths.

If you have not heard about the monoliths, I can tell you that strange monoliths appear in a different corner of the world, and no one has any explanation about them. As history has taught us if there is no desire explanation for and subject mainstream ignore it. Of course, if it could be denied would be better, but in this case, there are 79 monoliths around the world.

Please note that the above may happen at the same time and do not necessarily be separate.

Here I would like to answer a question which was asked of me.

The question is that the world’s reaction to Covid-19 is strange. The reaction and measures have been taken are far dramatic than it should be; why is it so?

First of all, let me explain that Covid-19 is not made by nature. I can not claim that Aliens make it, but I can say this virus is like no other virus we have seen before. One of the main things we have learned or have been forced to learn is staying closed-door for long periods. The different governments are exercising their power and dominance over the people they role.

I believe the governments of the world are in a conspiracy. I don’t know who has requested this reaction to Covid-19, but it is all part of the plan.

I believe the governments of the world have been informed about alines and been requested to take measures. Otherwise, none of this makes any sense. I believe that the action to keep people in their homes starts to make people realize that when aliens reveal themselves, they may stay at home, and initial shock will be avoided.

Please note that the above is only speculation by me, and as I wrote at the beginning of the article, I am not an oracle.

In the end, I thank you for reading this article, and I leave you in the love and light of our infinite creator.

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