Our consciousness influences our physical surroundings.

Our consciousness influences our physical surroundings.

There have been many studies, both scientific and non-scientific, on the issue. The experiment is very simple: one subject, for example, three similar flowers to three different emotions for a long period. One of the flower plants is radiated by love through the wording, the second one is ignored, and the third gets hate emotions through words.

The most famous experiment in this field is “Dr. Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals Full Documentary 2017“. Masaru Emoto said that human consciousness affects the physical structure of water. Emoto developed his studies and methods over the years. His early works consider water’s reaction to positive and negative thoughts; he believed that water could be purified through prayers and positive visualizations.

Emoto’s experiments with water crystals were done by subjecting water in the container to different words, pictures, or music, and emotions. He then froze the water and studied the water crystal, which was shaped.
Although there are many critics for and against Emoto’s experiments, there have been other studies done by the normal average person with astonishing results.

Here I would like to take a step back and explain my own understating of the subject. A person’s consciousness consists of vibration on the person. Everything consists of specific vibration on energy. When we feel different emotions, we radiate these emotions in the form of vibrations to our surroundings. That is the way we influence our surroundings. Are you familiar with the sentence “Words hearts”? although words impact another person, the emotion that is being radiated from a person is the source of influence. Emotions are not the only source that can be radiated with vibrations. Our thoughts and intentions are other sources that can be used and are used to radiate vibrations.

Let’s go back to the experiments. I found a video on YouTube, where a person has conducted experiments with three flower plants. These plants are subjected to verbal treatment by the person who is experimenting. A plant is being exposed to love, and loving words are used for that plant. The second plants are being ignored, and hateful words are being used on the third plant. The experiments Are conducted for a long period, at least several months. (the information is not available). Anyway, the film shows how these plants are influenced by the words they have been exposed to.

The plant which receives kind words flourishes and has a better condition than those two others; It is strange right? What are the conclusions? I will leave the conclusion of this experiment up to you. As I have explained above, my opinion is that this is our emotions that are being radiated to the plants. If the person who conducts experiments truly feels love toward a plant and hate toward the other ones, the time needed to conduct the experiments would be shorter.

Their other experiments were done on water and cooked rice (Which has water in it, of course). They all show the same result.

I only can tell you, and you may choose to believe or disbelieve but do not ignore the article.

Just because one does not understand something, he should not ignore that the issue exists.

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