It is all about domination.

It is all about domination.

By now everyone is aware a little virus which is going around and causing all sort of trouble. In the beginning, it was called coronavirus. As time passed, the name changed to COVID-19, and finally, nowadays, this virus is called covid-sars 1 and covid-sars 2. So if your memory is refreshed, I want to disclose something with you and explain why it is all about domination.

Let me explain why everything is so strange. Currently, there is such a panic going on in society, which is not reasonable. I don’t say that people have panicked, although some people are scared to death of this virus, and it is their right to do so.

It is almost a year that this virus is out and infecting people. The information which is spread on the mainstream news is that this virus is extremely infectious. That is why they, as people to put masks on their faces and take every precaution.

I don’t know much about infections and viruses, but if a virus is infectious, the way is explained in news and authorities, then I believe at least 90% of the world population must have been infected by now. I have been infected, and thankfully I survived. Many other people survive as well.

Let’s play with the numbers a bit. According to mainstream news and media as well as medical personnel. Around 4% of people who have been infected are dying of this virus.

According to the numbers I can find from sources, I can see that the world population is around 7.8 billion people. After one year, we could believe that the virus has infected 90% of these people.

90% of 7 800 000 000 gives 7 020 000 000, so If we believe the mainstream information, 4% of 7 020 000 000 must have died of the virus. Let us count.

7 020 000 000*0.04 gives 280 800 000 people. It means that by now, two hundred eighty million people.

When I search for death toll worldwide, I get 1,53M people died of this virus. I know this is people and any death is too much, but please consider that this is not 280 000 000 and I want to put your mind at ease to give you another number 54 000 000 people died this year because of different problems.

If you look around, you will see that more people die of heart diseases and cancer every year worldwide. So why all this limitation for such disease as the flu virus. Please note that I do not say that Covid-19 doesn’t kill. It kills some, but it is far from deadly diseases that people have to be limited and all this circus around.

If you think about it, The US could not pass laws to limit people’s rights without a catastrophe. After 9/11, the so-called terrorist laws passed without anyone blinking.

Nowadays, the world’s governments are making the news as bad as possible and using any media to push their agenda. It is all about domination. First, they check how far they can go and then establish laws and dictatorship to limit and dominate all the free people worldwide.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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