Aliens and UFO

What may happen in 2021?

First, let me admit that I am not an oracle. Considering the interwind causalities generated by the action, reaction, and choices, any future is possible, i.e., predicting a 100% accurate future is not possible. If one would follow the action, reaction, and choices, then foreseeing possibilities probabilities vortexes is possible. Below I would like to speculate what may happen in 2021. […]


Into eternity

The stars‏ were shining in the sky; the moon seemed to be very big. It was unusual to see the moon that big. It was shining, very bright. There was no need for a flashlight or any other source of light to see around.
In the not so far away distance, one could see a fire glowing. The flame of fire was dancing in the dark, the edges fire on the top were going to left and right


Our consciousness influences our physical surroundings.

There have been many studies, both scientific and non-scientific, on the issue. The experiment is very simple: one subject, for example, three similar flowers to three different emotions for a long period. One of the flower plants is radiated by love through the wording, the second one is ignored, and the third gets hate emotions through words. […]

Things you didn't know

It is all about domination.

By now everyone is aware a little virus which is going around and causing all sort of trouble. In the beginning, it was called coronavirus. As time passed, the name changed to COVID-19, and finally, nowadays, this virus is called covid-sars 1 and covid-sars 2. So if your memory is refreshed, I want to disclose something with you and explain why it is all about domination. […]

Things you didn't know

The universe is logos.

The reader here who is familiar with the law of one understands the term Logos in this discussion; however, if you are not familiar with this term, I will give you a background. The word logos comes from Greek, which means “word.”. In the theological discussion, this word means God. It refers to a higher order. […]