Sharpen your perception

Sharpen your perception

If you are a person who regularly visits this site to hate me or maybe to get comfort, you may think. “This is just great; now, the title does not make any sense anymore.” I am sorry that I create confusion. That is not my intent. I am trying to wake up a sense of deeper understanding in you.  You have to start to read in between lines. You have to sharpen your perception and start seeing things differently.

“Do you have difficulty walking”? A person who has difficulty reading uses eyeglasses, and of course, I mean medical eyeglasses. A person who has difficulty to walk uses a cane. If you need a light bulb to understand that electricity exists, you may need to touch some low voltage battery once or twice to feel that electricity exists. Just do not touch the 220 V, which will kill you.

A kid does not understand that pot is hot until he touches the pot and burns himself. If you have touched it and need t touch it frequently to understand that the pot is hot, then there is something wrong.

It is all about perception. All I am saying sharpen your perception, understand, see and feel. Enjoy the moment. Some people hurt, and by hurt, I do not mean physically. I mean emotionally hurt when they see other people suffer. Are you one of them?

Recently I watch a program on a tv channel. It was about old weapons. Although they were shooting dolls with bullets and cannonballs, I started thinking, or better said, I started feeling. It sounds somehow stupid when I say I felt the pain when dolls got hit by bullets. 

I mean, first, it was the simple gun, and then comes the machine gun. Why is so, humanity always is looking for some more efficient way to kill? Just compare weaponry in 50 years ago and today. Do you see the difference? Who knows, maybe the program was my “cane”? Of course, I have seen worth than that, and it is nothing to complain about. The program was informative but let us face it, weapon kills. Some people say that it is not the weapon which kills; it is people. Yes, people kill other people, BUT with the weapon, they kill more efficiently. Right?

What is your “cane”? will you leave your cane aside once your foot is healed? If you stayed immobilized or your foot is never going to heal, I would understand that you would need medical equipment or a cane for the rest of your life but if you don’t have any problem using a cane is somewhat unnecessary.

In the place I live, right now, while I am writing, the birds are singing. It is amazing; I have been so busy with everything around that I forgot to listen to the birds singing. When I was a child, I always paid attention to things around me; I could play with an ant for hours. I did not need PlayStation/Xbox/Wii/computer games to occupy myself.

Please do not get upset and angry at me. I mean no offense to people playing computer games; I am just describing how I played games when I was a child.

If you need a cane to feel and open your eyes, that is fine but leave the cane aside once your foot is healed. Feeling thing is human; feeling extreme is divine.

Recently I read about a near-death experience online, which was considered to be negative NDE. Let me describe it for you. In simple words, the person felt extreme loneliness. I want to say congratulations. That person felt how the one infinite creator felt when he gained consciousness. If you feel something, it is great. If you feel extreme anything, it is divine.

Please let me clarify that although extreme anger is also divine, it does not mean that you should act on it. The purpose of extreme feeling is to experience how the creator feels. I still doubt if we feel the same, but in our measurement, it is extreme. 

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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