News moons were discovered around the earth and other planets.

News moons were discovered around the earth and other planets.

It is a while I read different articles on the Internet (Mainstream news) about new moons that are discovered around different planets in our solar system. The recent article I will link below talks about a minimoon (an object) that is orbiting around the earth.

Astronomers by the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory believe they may have discovered a second natural satellite. This object is a minimoon that orbits around the earth. (link for more detailed information).

I don’t know about you, but this is very surprising for me. With all the glorious equipment and gadgetry that search for exoplanets, we recently found out that there are additional moons and satellites around our planet and other planets in our solar system.

Here is another article that speaks about 20 new moons that were discovered around Saturn. (Link) Don’t look at this lightly. Whistleblowers have been telling this for years now. According to whistleblowers, there are many moons and artificial and natural satellites around different planets in our solar system.

When different whistleblowers claimed this, many people, including astronomers, thought the idea is ridiculous. I believe that at the time, the argument against this claim was “strong.” I mean, If we are daily discovering planets and different objects many light-years away from us, surely we suppose to know which planet and moons are in our galaxy. It just didn’t make any sense if we wouldn’t know what objects exist in our solar system.

The argument especially gets stronger when we consider that our probes have even reached the outer solar system. It was not long ago when we got beautiful pictures and detailed data from Pluto.

It is a sad but bitter truth that the information is blocked and not provided to people. The best way of hiding the truth is to provide peace and fill out the rest with misleading and misguiding information.

The other question, which is raised here, why they are hiding these types of information, which seems to be harmless. I mean, what will happen if we know how many moons and satellites Saturn has?

To answer this question, I need to refer to other sources that people may not be comfortable with. For many people, facts and real news are only provided by CNN and the BBC and so on. These people consider any other information which comes from other sources unreliable.

The fact is that for a person who has made up his mind and closed his eyes together with his investigating mind, no matter what you offer as evidence, he/she will not accept. Unfortunately, these people, although innocent and mislead and are still sleeping.

If someone comes with a claim that shows itself to be true, in this case, the existence of moon and objects around different planets we were unaware of. I don’t see any reason not to believe the other parts of their claim.

The whistleblowers claim that the different military and SPP fractions habit these moons and satellites (which we were unaware of). If you have not heard about the SPP and secret activities in the space, please search the site ( The search function will help you to find many articles about the subject to collect some background. In this article, I will not go deeper into explaining SSP.

You may wonder why NASA should hide this information? The main reason I believe is that if we know there are other satellites and moon, then people and other scientists would naturally want that NASA investigates it. I mean, even If it is not NASA, some other country will investigate these moons.

What is different now? Why do they reveal this information if the same reasoning is still present?

We are getting closer to disclosure. In many countries, those who are supposed to know already have access to this information. To reveal complete SSP at once would shock every part of society; hence, this information is released little by little.

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