New Discovery in the quantum field where two Large objects are in Quantum Entanglement

New Discovery in the quantum field where two Large objects are in Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement between two particles is not something new. By now, everyone has heard about quantum entanglement. Einstein referred to this phenomenon as a ‘spooky action at a distance,’ he believed the relationship had more to do with a lack of knowledge than anything truly bizarre. However, until now, this relationship was observed in particles of the same type and same size.

Recently scientists at the University of Copenhagen have succeeded to entangle two large objects of millimeter size. These are the largest object which has ever been entangled. (Link). Please note that a millimeter size object in the quantum world is like the difference between a pea and Egypt’s pyramid. So this is a big discovery. 

If you have been living in the jungle and have not heard about quantum entanglement, I can briefly explain what it is. Two quantum particles are somehow without any visible connection or logical explanation, reacting to each other. When force is applied to one of them, the other one is reacting and vice versa. This relationship is independent of space and time. It means the distance can be very small or astronomically long; They can be in the same time frame or in different time frames (One in the past and another in the future). The relation stays the same independently of the above.

It is spooky, but just because we do not have the knowledge to understand fully. One of the things I suggested in

A while ago, I wrote an article about parallel realities:

What makes quantum entanglement so interesting is that there is no way to block the connection between two entangled objects. I mean that as long as two objects are in that phase, one of them will cause a reaction on another one.

Let us say that you have been able to travel to the “future,” and you have a communication device using quantum entanglement. You can easily have communication with the current time with your device; This is what whistleblowers are claiming about the SSP and the technology they possess.

Another thing is that parallel reality will not be possible without quantum entanglement.  Each of us is connected to our other-selves through quantum entanglement. Each action will cause a ripple reaction in other realities. This connectin will ensure that difference between us and our other-selves in parallel reality is minimal and interconnected.

If you have read my other articles or my book, you know that we are body/mind/spirit complex. The spirit complex consists of a collection of other-selves from other realities. It is like a network of “sprites” which makes each of us. Our personality consist of most dominant “sprites.” Since the network is infinite, this will ensure that we do not go “crazy.”

The science is going forward, but unfortunately, the dogma in scientific consuming is a roadblock to faster progress. One thing is for sure, we have stocked and don’t know where to go from here because we keep ignoring the spiritual side of life; after all, everything is vibration.  

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In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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