What are Quantum entanglement and parallel realities?

What are Quantum entanglement and parallel realities?

I am excited about this article, and I do not know why because it is so simple. If you are one of those who can only read the theory presented by a Ph.D., you will be disappointed because I do not have one but tell you something about “theories.” No matter who comes up with a theory, it is only a theory according to our current way of looking for proof. General Relativity theory is also a theory; otherwise, they would call it general relativity Law. So, in conclusion, my theory is as valid as a person who has Ph.D. So, anyway, here is Quantum entanglement and parallel realities-A theory.

For me to present my theory, I need to provide you with some background information. The first thing I want to present is the existence of multi realities and parallel realities.

What are parallel realities, and how are they created?
In the real world, we are surrounded by choices; of course, we do not choose all of them because practically, it would not be possible. It would be a paradox, for example, to decide to kill a person out of anger and, at the same time, not to. We either do it or not. There is no other way which will complete this activity. (Sorry for choosing this example, but I had to).

Each time a thought, no matter how distant and ambiguous, enters our mind. The choices are creating one or several parallel realities. Now, this is exactly like driving a car. While driving, we are making adjustments to the steering. Still, we more or less continue on the same way; this means even though the road looks curved, it is still considered to be a “straight road,” but when we make a change of direction which is not possible at high speed, most probably we are not going in the same direction anymore.

The choices we chose are the same as well. If the choice or option that comes to our mind is like a change of direction that we cannot do in “low speed,” it is an option that creates parallel realities.

Let me give you an example. Eating lunch today will no cause a new reality, but if the food is poisoned, then it will cause a new reality in which you may not exist. Even if you will not die of poison, it impacts you so that your future choices will be impacted, which is why it will still create a new reality.

Another example. If you slip and fall on ice. You may think this is not a big deal if I have a helmet, but you will be wrong. Even there will be a slim possibility that you get a concussion, you will create a parallel reality.

The general rule for parallel reality is that each option must be satisfied if the impact makes a difference so that future choices and options will be impacted.

How this works is that a choice that creates other realities will copy everything which can influence us directly. i.e., if I know a person whose name is “John,” he will be copied as well, but for example, “Mary” whom I do not know and never met will not be copied. It is more complex and complicated than this, and above is only a simple explanation.

Now how the “Mind” is causing the creation of other realities, which I don’t think everyone is ready to hear at this point, so I will just put that subject in “Pause.”

This explains the problem with the Mandela effect as well if you think about it. People who are impacted by Mandela very vaguely will remember the story from the point of view of the main character in that reality.

We have at least as many realities as people on earth as a base, but this has developed by every option presented to each one of us.

This gets complicated when several realities must merge to satisfy several people how are dependent on each other.  This means that you are sharing “A” reality with several people if not millions, and at the same time, you have realities where none of them or some of them are not there, for example, if one of the people like a friend, committed suicide.

Maybe you understand the complexity and the equations which must be solved to satisfy these parallel realities.

Now we come to Quantum entanglement.
Quantum entanglement is a function that makes the creation of other realities possible. i.e., you are looking to basic elements of the alternate realities.

In the end, I hope you liked this article or at least did not hate it. Have a nice day, and God bless you. Enjoy the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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