Laser guns just become a reality!

Laser guns just become a reality!

We all have seen a laser gun; I don’t mean in real life, and I don’t mean laser pointer nor industrial laser. We all have seen these types of weapons in sci-fi movies. Some called it phaser, another laser. No matter what it is called, this weapon shoots a bean as a content stream or a pulse.

HHG or High-harmonic generation (HHG) is a nonlinear optics; an intense laser beam is generated in a target material. The material which is used consists of gas, crystals, etc. What is this in simple terms? It means that you send an intense (waves) laser beam to a solid object, and under some conditions, the object will emit the high harmonics generation beam. i.e., much stronger laser. (here is a link if you wish to know more technical details).

I may misunderstand the concept completely, or maybe I am thinking much ahead of my time, but you may get surprised to know that Nikola Tesla had already designed a weapon like that some years after world war II. (, 1957). Nikola Tesla claimed that he had designed such a weapon, which was called “Deathray.” Nikola Tesla didn’t intend to create a new weapon, but he thought no one would dare to attack if everyone has this weapon, and there would be no war. I don’t know if this a correct way of thinking, but creating deadlock is a way to prevent war. Along with Nikola Tesla, some other people claimed that they had created this type of weapon.

Are we on the way to officially created such a laser? Will it be used as a weapon? I do not know, but if history teaches us anything, we humans use anything that can kill us as weapons.

I have mixed feelings about weapons; they are good for the defense. At the same time, a hydrogen bomb is also a weapon. Do we need it? Did we need an atomic weapon?

It is horrifying to see that some countries think that a weapon that could kill millions of people in one stroke, i.e., genocide is defendable by an argument such as “national security.”

In the end, just to mention, Jason Rice, the whistleblower, has mentioned that in the SSP, laser weapon was available. So, the question is doing someone put his hands on Nikola Tesla’s drawings of Deathray? Or did they figure it out by themselves?

It is hard to say but let’s say hypothetically, tomorrow someone shows you a short clip of a laser weapon shooting and destroying a target; what would be your reaction? The first thing that comes to mind is the CGA? Nowadays, it is hard to believe the thing we see in movies and clips. CGA can create anything.

Disclosure will be very hard. I mean, what could we show people as evidence? Any document or film could be falsified and created. This is why it is easier for the Cabal to deny everything because even if you see a real film clip of an alien craft, you will not believe it.

I do not want to discourage you, and there are lots of evidence out there, but a person who is sleeping and does not wish to wake up, no matter how much evidence you show him, he is not going to accept and wake up.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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