Why God cannot be more than one and must be infinite.

Why God cannot be more than one and must be infinite.

God’s first quality is infinity. This can be logically proven. If God was not infinite, then in some other part of existence, maybe another God who has been from the beginning. Since there is not enough space for two queens in one castle, it is logical to assume that a war would start between two Gods. We have many examples of this in Greek mythology. Below I will describe the title “Why God cannot be more than one and must be infinite.”

You may ask why? These beings would ask the same question, which started the first paradox. i.e., each God would ask himself: “am I a creation or have I been from the beginning.” Naturally, since none of them can answer that question, none of them could be superior to another one. Please note that we can not consider a beginning for God; this implies that there has been a period where he didn’t exist and has been created. If so, we have to ask who created him, and this search will continue until we accept that there has been an infinite creator from the beginning now if we go back to our discussion and assume that there are two Gods. Eventually, there will be a war fought between these entities, which will cause none of them can create.  

This is logical to assume because none of them (None of the Gods) could prove that he is the first creator; subsequently, none of them would submit and decrease his place to be the second one. Please remember that one of the other God’s qualities is that he is proud.  This would eventually either cause that one of the wills to break, and one of the Gods would submit to the end, or eternal war would be fought. In that case, none of them would have time to create anything.

If one of them would submit and accept, he is only a god (Please note the god with little g), then it is likely we would still stay with one God. This one God then will be the source of everything hence infinite.

If you consider the facts, there should be only one God logically; all other forms of existence would be then just some sort of god, not God.

Another thing is that there should be one point of start for the creation and one source of creation. If we have two lines of creation, i.e., two Gods, these parallel creations would, at some point, collide with each other. Two creation lines will cause lots of trouble, and things will not work out fine. If you have two start points, it would be two of everything, and two of everything, by definition, is not unique, and if it is not unique, it is not omnipotent. On the other hand, parallel creations would be created. Even with our level of science, we know that parallel lines will eventually cross each other. This may be because the universe is curved and a bubble, but that is another story. When these two parallel lines (creations) would cross each other, the result would cause a conflict and eventually break the complete creation.

Does this make sense to you? I don’t know; when I think about it, I get so irritated when I hear someone says: I believe in something, but it is not God, and you know by the way we have three Gods, but they are the same as one. This irritation is not because of a different opinion because people do not think clearly and do not use their logic.

In other logical reasoning, we can see that infinity cannot be two. Something is either infinite or not. If it is two, then there is a boundary that will not be infinite. A boundary is a closed space; a closed space has edges; if something has edges, one can count the Area, A, and Volume V. Is something having volume and area cannot be infinite.

I do not know why this is so hard to understand! Is it me who is thinking wrong, or people are just oblivious and cannot see the truth because of dogma?

Arguments like I am Christian, and essentially our God is the same as Allah, but I cannot prove it anyway even logically or compare two holy books to show that it is written that we are the same.

Arguments like: I know we have lots of Gods, but they all have a different job, and they do different things. There are many, but one of them is the most powerful one. What about other God’s qualities? Does your most powerful one have all God’s qualities that a God should have? Let us start with infinite! How about merciful! What do you say about omnipotence?

Essentially the above is very easy to understand, and I believe I have explained it in simple language; if a person has a hard time understanding the above, it is because of dogma. One should evaluate his/he believes.

Please note that I am not talking about God in a specific religion. I am talking about the one infinite creator of love and light.

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In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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