“Life is a dream, but it is a real one!”-Sadhguru

“Life is a dream, but it is a real one!”-Sadhguru

Recently I heard this sentence from Sadhguru, which made sense for me. Life is an illusion, and I have said that many times. In this illusion that we live, everything seems to be real, and indeed it is real, although it is based on vibrations. When we understand that this illusion is based on vibration, do we need to necklet this Life? The answer is No. We still live our life knowing that there is more to life than the eyes can see, the mouth can taste, and the skin can sense. It means that Life is a dream, but it is a real one.

Is this a repeating dream? If so, why don’t I remember Life before?

Imagine five years old, the thing you need to learn would be different from what you will need when you are 20 years old. We learn different things in each incarnation, but it would be a quiet crewel if we would remember life before. I mean people who we loved and they died or any other memory. The important thing is that the higher self-remember but we forget. We forget because to have free will; otherwise, we may not choose the same path again. It means since we do not remember, we can theoretically do the same mistake. The thing is that although one is not five years old anymore, the things one has learned in that period are still there. One does not need to think about them to know and remember; it has been imprinted. That is why most likely, we do not repeat the same mistake when we incarnate again. This is how we remember the lessons and experiences we have learned. Does it sound strange?

If Life is a dream, why isn’t it a nice and pleasant dream?

Many people say that Life is full of pain and sadness. Is it so? I believe there are sadness and pain in Life, and at the same time, there are happiness and joy in it. The question is, why shouldn’t always be full of joy and happiness? This may sound strange for you, but if there were no darkness, we would not know what light is; Do you agree? If everyone were blind, no one would know what vision is. We know that there is pain and sadness in Life because there are good moments as well.

Another thing is that for us to learn specific lessons and experience, we need a specific catalyst. For example, if we know how one feels when he is discriminated against because of race, we would probably not discriminate against someone. This happens regardless if we want or not. i.e., Karma will make balance.

We have captured a “piece of Life” or “piece of a dream”-Sadhguru.

The example which I will retell is an incredibly beautiful example which I have explained in my own way in several articles, but here comes a better example. Imagine, if you will, the Life. Everything is part of life, trees, animals, sand, and so on. We are part of Life as well. It is like a bubble of Life, A piece of Life that we have captured and identified ourselves with it. When we consider each bubble, in other words, each person (Mind/body/sprite complex), we are individuals, but when the bubble is burst, all air inside the bubble will join the air around us. There is not my air or your air anymore. All it is left is LIFE.

Perfect technological gadget! A most advanced system!

Sometimes a logical approach is the most efficient way into the mystic. I could tell you a philosophical paradox. I will start with it. You know that you are born. Your parents have been born, and their parents have been born. No matter how far you will go, there must be someone or something which will be at the beginning of the chain; otherwise, it will continue until eternity. Someone must have been there from the beginning.

Another thing is that we are extremely impressed with our phone, gadget or computers. Imagine, if you will, a machine which makes complex organism from a piece of bread or carrot. (Sadhguru). Wouldn’t that machine be amazing? Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? I hope you see yourself. You are made of food. Isn’t this amazing? If you do not understand this example, I believe that you are not thinking deep enough.

Another gadget which has been made by bred and food is the brain. This is the most advanced gadget in the world. Why? Because all other gadget comes from this gadget. Do you think so?

I leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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