Does unconditional love exist?

Does unconditional love exist?

Often when we speak about love, we refer to two people who have strong feelings about each other. I don’t want to go deeper into this and offer different analyses on the subject. I want to speak of a different angle than romantic love; I will speak about a philosophical and spiritual aspect. Often when love is given, a feeling of love is expected, i.e., there is a condition. The question is, does unconditional love exist?

One can take as an example the love toward own children. Often this is unconditional love. There are many other examples, but you cannot find an example where a person loves everyone and everything unconditionally.

People who had NDE (Near dead experience) often speak of a profound feeling of love. Let me develop this further. We all have seen in Hollywood movies when people die, a tunnel of light appears, and the so-called “Soul” is passing through this tunnel. This experience has been confirmed by many NDE:s.

On the other side of the tunnel, these people have a peaceful feeling that they have never experienced before. The type of feeling is a feeling of absolute freedom and peace. Although sometimes we have this kind of feeling of absolute freedom and peace, which has been provided unconditionally, it is hard to experience absolute unconditional love.

The NDE:S explain about some entities which they encounter at the other side of the tunnel. These entities generate and radiate love. It is hard for us to understand because we have no experience of such feelings. Although I can tell you who are these entities are, I believe you should investigate the subject more yourself.

Let’s speak about an old concept and belief that says humans have seven energy sources in the body. Different colors identify these sources. You may have guessed that I am speaking about Chakra. To make a balance between these seven chakra points is a task that not every entity can achieve. However, all the chakra points are equally important. I want to speak about the fourth Chakra point, which is represented by the color of green.

This Chakra is also called the Heart Chakra. The physical location for this Chakra is directly above the heart and is connected to love and compassion in all forms. It is not wrong to say that this energy source links the mind, body, and spirit complex. When the green color Chakra or Heart Chakra is balanced, the entity can offer compassion to others and have a sense of inner peace. The feelings then experience at a cognitive level.

There is certainly a lot more to say, both about the green and other Chakra. I need another article to cover this subject somewhat more, but for now, I believe this background helps you understand better with the rest of this article.

Ok, now that you are familiar with seven Chakras and specifically the green one. I can formulate a sentence. The unconditional love toward all entities cannot be achieved unless this Chakra, i.e., green/heart Chakra, is in balance.

The aim is not to focus on one Chakra and develop it. The entity needs indeed balance between all the Chakra.

One of the properties of this color is compassion. People who want to develop and balance this color should perform several activities, including a behavior where they are more in others’ service than service to own.

The concept is not difficult to comprehend. You get help and achieve a higher polarization by helping others. You will also get benefits from others who also wish to be in the service of others. It means by helping others; you are helping yourself.

I will mention something here that may not make sense for you, but it is a Catalyst to investigate more if you are interested.

To achieve fourth density, you need to be at least 51% in others’ service and 49% in service of yourself. The other way you can achieve fourth density is to be 95% in service for yourself and 5% in others’ service. Of course, you will jump over the color green in this case, but you can achieve fourth density.

If the above doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. This article is a catalyst for you; if you are positive orientation, you will encounter another catalyst that will guide you to more understanding toward enlightenment.

On end, I would like to thank you for reading the article.

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