Parallel realities explained in simple words

Parallel realities explained in simple words

Many people have heard about parallel realities. There are many theories about it, but all of them lack details and howto. This article will describe parallel realities and provide some details to shed some light on the subject. If you are interested, buckle up and sit to see how Parallel realities are explained.

First, you have to know that a parallel reality is as real as the reality you are living in. The fact is that the reality we live in maybe a parallel reality and not the original one. You may be a copy of your real self from the main reality or other parallel reality, you never know. The two realities are almost the same with some differences. There are at least 7,4 billion parallel realities as a base, but the parallel realities are unknown up to infinite.

When there is an infinite amount of realities, there is always a chance or possibility that everything that may and could happen will happen. Every possibility is fulfilled and has happened in at least one reality.

We start by how a parallel reality is created. The mainstream scientist says that every possibility and option will result in a new parallel reality. This interpretation of possibilities means that if you could go to work by bus and car, there are two realities that in one, you go to the job by buss and another one you go by car. The reality, however, is not like that.

A new parallel reality creates each time we have some life-changing decisions.

For example, eating lunch will not create a new parallel reality; however, if your lunch is poisoned and even if you survive the poison, a new reality will be created where you will not survive the poison. Things get more complicated when different realities are dependent on each other.

A dependent parallel reality or DPR (I just made up the letter combination) is a reality where several realities are dependent on each other.

Let me give you an example. Let us say you are offered to move to another country and work. You do not accept the offer in original reality. Still, it will create another reality where you accepted the offer and moved this is because the option is life-changing possibilities. Now let us say you are married and have children. There are dependencies on this new parallel reality. The new parallel reality will combine the option for your wife and children in it. Already now, you can see that it is getting complicated.

Before I forgot, I would like to say that the basic build blocks of parallel realties are “Quantum entanglement,” Although there are many realities, all of them are intertwined and entangled with each other.

Generally, each time you impact someone’s life, your reality and that person become intertwined. As you can see, the DPR is much more complicated than just a parallel reality.

Now you or your consciousness is built-up of all of these personalities in different parallel realities. Please note that these personalities are the same as you, so we are not talking about multiple personalities. The characters from parallel realities that are more dominant are building up the personality you have today. You see, although there are infinite realities, your consciousness is built-up of several of them.

I give you an example: A person who has dementia has lost the most dominant personalities and replaced them with less dominant personalities, which have been dormant.

For instance, a person with dementia who believes that he is a kid has a kid’s personality. That is why he “choose the memories” and behavior that supports that notion. The personality that compiles his consciousness support this act.

Each reality is connected to another one by quantum entanglement. The building blocks of parallel realities are made of this phenomenon.

I have written more about parallel reality and much more in my book, which I sincerely recommend. Below is a link for the book on Amazon, and if you can not afford it, contact me, and I will provide you a copy.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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