Government admits the presence of off-world Alien crafts

Government admits the presence of off-world Alien crafts

I don’t know how many people laughed at me when I claimed that there are unidentified flying objects on earth. People used to giggle and say. It is fake, or that is a light reflection, and so on. Some people refuse to open their eyes and see. It is very simple, the off-world craft is flying all over the earth, and we are being visited. Now there is official evidence, and  I have proof; government admits the presence of off-world Alien crafts.

There are many UFO stories, photos, and film clips. It all started around 1938-ish, which the german elite seeking contact with aliens. I have written an article, and I don’t want to repeat myself, so here is the link:

In recent years many people have encountered ufo, and opinion is on its way to change. People like David Wilcock have dedicated their life to discourse. It has been a rough way until now, and the way is not easier. People resist believing that something wrong in this world.

I will give you a story. Nearly a year ago, I succeeded in capturing a film from ISS (international space station). The film showed a globe-like object in the space that was shimmering in different colors. A line that was not straight was further ways from the globe, which was also shimmering.  After a while, the line discarded, and the globe turned red until it disappeared.

When I showed this clip to my co-worker, at first, it was lots of laughs and giggle and the no reaction at all. It was like it is not something important at all. Now, I will ask you when you will see the official clips which were released. What will be your reaction?

OK, let me break down the video for you.

  • You see, an object in the sky is not a helicopter or an airplane. I know these are the two types of craft with engines available on earth for flying. The object is none of them.
  • This clip is not fake, and CGI generated footage. Below is the link from NAVY. I downloaded the clips.

Direct link to these videos:

According to the reports, the object behaves strangely and defies the laws of physics. This means that it could not be a strange-looking airplane or any other craft we know of.

Below is some more video from the Navy for you to watch before I continue:

If you have never believed in any footage, film clip, or story, the above should be the one that takes your attention if you are an intelligent person. I mean start with the question:

  1. Who are these entities?
  2. What are they doing on earth?
  3. Where do they come from?
  4. What are they looking for?

And so on. To find answers to the questions above is not so easy but start your journey and search.

The funny thing is that this information is available on the internet, but no one seems to be reacting to it anymore.

Below is one of the sites I found this news from

Here is another site the breaks the news. The below is New York times

Finally, I would like to say that things are deeper than UFO:s are visiting us on earth. There is a spiritual aspect of all where we can advance and reach other entities’ spiritual level.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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