Higher Self, Consciousness and co-creative Consciousness explained by simple words

Higher Self, Consciousness and co-creative Consciousness explained by simple words

In different situations, the speaker and the researcher talk about higher-self, Consciousness, and co-creative Consciousness. Although there are many ways to explain these terms, I would like to offer my view and understanding of these terms and explain them in simple terms.

I believe a higher-self in a person is presented by ideas that are not apparent. The person can reach these ideas and a higher understanding by meditation and purification of thoughts and wishes.

When I hear people speak about meditation, there is a common picture that appears in mind. A person is sitting in a special position and has both hands on the knee and repeating the word “Humm.” Although this is a type of meditation, it is far from being the only way to meditate.

For example, praying is a kind of meditation. (In any religion and any practice for praying). When a person prays, he focuses his thoughts and collects all of his/her energy to communicate with a higher being.  At that moment, the person, if he has followed the above, will open a channel and communicate. In general, these communications are one way.

One doesn’t need to be religious to meditate; when one goes to bed, one can mediate in the rum’s darkness and quietness. If one focuses his attention on his own, i.e., try to explore himself, he can archive meditation.

Access to a higher-self in a perfect world without daily life problems and perfect society would not be necessary. In this utopian society, the self and higher-self are the same entity, i.e., there is no split between higher-self and self (Or if would prefer, “I the ego”).

A person’s higher-self is free from ego and identity; therefore, the person has no identity.  At that time, the self and higher-self belong to the group. A name only identifies a person.

Please note that what I want to say is that all things and people come from the same source when you disconnect from the ego and re-join the source. There will be no “I” left. All it is left is “One.” This “One” is a collection of “I;s.”

To reach “One,” which is the highest achievement in any religion. You need to in sync with your Consciousness. It is indeed, with the Consciousness, one can reach that high.

Now at this point, you may ask what Consciousness is? to explain the Consciousness with simple words, we have to say, the Consciousness of a person is his or her essence; This is different than a soul. The soul is a link between self and Consciousness. Suppose I want to formulate the soul. The soul is spirits complex. (Please search for spirit complex in blogish.net)

A person cannot reach his Consciousness unless he has already re-joined the self and the higher self. Once this is done, it is easier to reach the Consciousness.

The Consciousness of a mass connected with a grid of energy can create and destroy.  This is co-creative Consciousness of the mass. You can translate this sentence literally or symbolically, i.e., you can imagine that mass wish of co-creative Consciousness can manipulate matter and energy, or the wishes of co-creative Consciousness can make changes in the society. It is up to you.

The above explanations are my understanding of the subject. I believe this is just a spark for you to find out on your own what these terms mean to you. In other words, don’t take my word for it; research yourself.

Here I would like to recommend my book. The above subjects and many other subjects are described in the book. It is not a question about the money; if you can not affoarded the book, write me a letter, and I will give you a copy, but I sincerely recommend it.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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