What happened in Nuremberg, Germany, 1561.

What happened in Nuremberg, Germany, 1561.

There are different explanations of the celestial phenomena over Nuremberg, Germany, 14 April 1561. The phenomena were published and illustrated in the newspaper at that time.
People saw a huge metallic object in the sky between 5-6 a.m. The writer of the article has tried to illustrate how these objects looked like. (As it is shown in the included picture in this article).

At this time, people witnessed hundreds of objects in the shape of spheres, cylinders, and other odd shapes that were moving in the sky unpredictably. UFO enthusiasts believe that people have witnessed a battle between several extraterrestrial airships on that day.

People at that time give some religious meaning to what they have observed.

The fact that this has happened is undisputable. The event happened on 14 April 1561, and many people witnessed it. However, some other theories try to explain what people saw with the help of other phenomena.

One of these theories speaks about the sun dog. If I put it in simple terms, the sun dog is when the sun’s reflection on ice crystal is reflected on clouds.

Below you see a picture of a sun dog.

I admit it looks a bit mysterious but in no way looks like the object, which is described in the Nuremberg incident. I have searched on the internet and viewed lots of pictures of a sun dog, none of them looks like an alien’s spaceship.

Another thing which makes this theory a bit shakier is that April is the second month of the spring. I was not sure about April in 1561, and I could not find any information about it either, but the temperature average in April 2018 was 13.7 degrees centigrade, which is 57-degree Fahrenheit. I find it hard to believe you can find snow and ice at these temperatures. Anyway, in the original article, these objects that were seen in the sky were fighting with each other. I don’t believe the sun dog could behave that way.

The bottom line is that people in Nuremberg 1561 saw a metallic object in the sky fighting each other. Sometimes, an alien space ship is just an alien space ship, no matter how much one tries to deny and find different explanations.

Another thing is that when you look at the article which was written at the time. The illustrated picture shows another thing. You can easily see the cylindric, cross shape, triangle-shaped objects in the sky. The scene looks like a battle in the second world war between airplanes. Every object is facing differently.

Were these alien crafts? Perhaps but they were not “sun dogs.” I do not understand why people should come up with such an explanation, but you can easily see the difference if you look at the illustration. The thing is that I do not believe they had difficulty painting the event either. Even 200 years before this event, people knew how to paint i.e., this is not because of bad painting.

Let us call it what it is. It is alien craft fighting in the sky, and that is what happened  Nuremberg, Germany, 1561  

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