Sadhguru vs. The Law of One

Sadhguru vs. The Law of One

Recently I accidentally got to know a great guru called Sadhguru. It is hard to describe him. He is not a holy person like other religious figures. He doesn’t speak or advertise for any religion. He has been mediating his whole life, and through this life experience and meditation, he has achieved serenity and a peaceful mind.  He is a yogi and mystic. If you wish to know what a yogi is, please do a bit of research on the Internet. The main topic of this article is not about meditation or yogi. I will, however, compare some of Sadguru’s teaching to the Law of one.

In the Law of one, one speaks about the orientation in third density, which will lead to the polarization in fourth density.

There are positive orientation and negative orientation. Please do not mix this with God and bad. A magnet has two polarities, the energy which goes to the negative pole has a negative orientation, and the energy which goes to the positive pole has a positive orientation.

People are the same, those people who are in service to the others have a positive orientation, and those in service for their own have a negative orientation.

If you have heard Sadguru many times in his speech, he has mentioned: “No matter what you do, do it well.” This speech speaks about orientation. If you are negative oriented, do it well and if you are positive oriented do well too. It is not wrong or right to be oriented in either direction, but every orientation has consequences. Life is like a play where people chose a different role in it.

Sadguru speaks about each personality has a memory and a physical body like a soap bubble. When the bubble breaks, the air, which belongs to each bubble, join the ambient air. i.e., what he says that we are all the same, and the source is the same. The same message is the main message in the Law of one.

The Law of one says that there are no good or bad, only different polarities from one infinite creator. We all belong to the same consciousness, which comes from the one Infinite Creator.

Sadguru speaks about, “There is no death, only another life after death.” This is the same message from the Law of one, which says that we learn through incarnation. After the major cycle in each density, we will graduate to another density, i.e., another life if we need more time because we are not done with the lessons. We will be re-incarnated until all the lessons are learned, and we will graduate to another density.

There are many similarities between these two sources. I admit I have not investigated Sadhguru’s teachings completely, nor am I done with the complete Law of one book; however, this much I have been in contact with these two sources, I see similarities.

Many other things can be said about this great man and the great source of knowledge, which is almost the same as the Law of one teaching. My aim here is to introduce you to these two sources. What you will do with the knowledge is up to you.


The Law of one 

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In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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