Does one have to be always politically correct? When is time to speak up?

Does one have to be always politically correct? When is time to speak up?

In our modern society, we face many situations where we have to take a step back and think. We often have to consider, do the things we say are politically correct? Often, we face criticism and objection from our surroundings if we do not formulate that matches the majority’s beliefs. The question is, is the majority always, right?

Do we always have to hide what we think?

There are situations where every party member in a discussion agrees at one point and even shows their agreement in a private discussion between themselves. Often, when in the group, they keep silent. They keep silent, not because they agree with the situation. They do not want confrontation and want to be politically correct.

Confrontation is taboo. It is easier to talk behind someone’s back than say to him directly.  Often in these situations, one person becomes the voice for others and presents an objection. He does not necessarily succeed in his case, and in the process, he may suffer lots of criticism and problems.

We often hear sentences like “Don’t be a hero,” “Let’s someone else” express his opinion.

By definition, I claim that a hero is a loser, and if you research history, heroes often die or spend the rest of their life in captivation.

Then the question is, why these people do it? Are these people not intelligent enough to see that they will get into trouble?

Let’s get back to the question above. Is the majority always right? I can’t entirely agree that the majority is always right. The majority of people are often wrong, and besides, it is easy to manipulate the majority. Just look at history.  When Copernicus came with the idea that earth is turning around the sun and it is not in the center of the universe, he was severely punished even though he was right.  The same goes for Galileo; he had to decline his belief to save his life.

In Sweden, most people believed that “Alone is the strongest,” but we know now that this is a wrong perception.

I read in a publication that claimed that democracy is a dictatorship of the majority.  I may not go so far as that, but there is some truth in it.

Often when it questions about voting, the result is that some groups of people who cannot get enough supporters for their cause cannot influence their life situation and implement things according to their beliefs. These groups do not agree with the majority, and their voice is not heard. If we formulate it differently, the majority force their will on these groups, which do not have enough votes. Well, we think that is the way it is. If you think about it, it is a kind of dictatorship. Now, please don’t shoot the messenger. You are entitled to your opinion, and this is a blog which is visited only by 100 people per day, so the chances that I can make any big impact on the society or politic is very slim next to non-existing. However, if you think differently, express yourself in the comment section. Please don’t call me or send me a hate mail. It is beautiful when people can present an argument and disprove or prove a point.

So, back to the point. How do we treat the majority vs. heroes?

In society, often (I could even dare to say always), progress and discoveries come from the people who are free thinkers. These are the nerds who sit in their rum and discover something that most of society can benefit from. How do we treat these people? They are outcasts in school because they don’t have an athletic body, are not invited to parties, and made fun of. 

If we get back to political correctness, we find out that we do not agree with many things in society, but we do not say anything.

The bottom line is, one doesn’t need to be always politically correct. If you see something is wrong, speak up.

Although you will be punished for your opinion, smart people will notice and who knows you may impact at least one person.

I know that what I write in my blog has caused me many blockages; these blockages show themselves in different aspects of my life. I guess every article has a different effect on different people.

If I write about the Alien’s agenda, I am probably one of those crazy people with aluminum foil around my head.

If I write about the spirit and consciousness, I am one of those kumbaya people who should not be taken seriously.

If I write about the fact that it is a smart individual who is pulling the majority, perhaps I will be called anti-democracy.

One thing I have learned is that other people do not define my value. A precious metal is valuable because of its quality, not because other people say so.

My advice to you is, do not define yourself by other people’s opinions. Your value comes within, and no one can take that away from you.

Do not always take a comfortable road. Although road without conflict is safe, they are seldom the ultimate way for personal development.

This, however, doesn’t mean that one has to be in a fight at all times. It means when it matters, you do not take the highway and put yourself in discomfort because others may be able to take benefit from your choice.

Here I would like to recommend my book. The above subjects and many other subjects are described in the book. It is not a question about the money; if you can not affoarded the book, write me a letter, and I will give you a copy, but I sincerely recommend it.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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