Should everyone have the right to free medical care?

Should everyone have the right to free medical care?

I have had several discussions about this subject several times in different places. The problem is that often people have a double standard. This double standard is a result of pressure in society by the majority.

All human life matters regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, and so on. I believe the first important point we have to understand is that each person’s life matters first that person and then, of course, there are other considerations for his life in general.

Now that we established this fact. Let’s consider some different scenarios.

It is quite acceptable in many societies that a person put himself in different activities where there is a risk for injuries, handicap, or even death. There are a variety of these activities, such as different sport. No one asks the question from a person who has been injured by, for example, sky diving. Why did he do it? Or try to argue that this person shouldn’t get medical care. Somewhere along the way, people have accepted that it is Ok to jump from a perfectly functioning airplane. Other activities do not often cause immediate death rather than permanent injuries or injuries in general.

In countries with free medical care, it is quite acceptable that society pays for the recovery of these people. I have nothing against that either.

The question raises when the majority does not approve of the activity. Let’s take smoking as an example. It is a hot topic, where many people may hate me for that, but anyway. The double standard comes in the form of the following arguments:

Smoking is not good and can cause diseases. I would like you to pay attention to the many other activities that can cause injuries and diseases, but no one seems to mind those other dangerous activities.

A smoker chose himself to smoke, so society should not cover the medical cost for the people who get sick because of smoking. Those other activities are done with a full understanding of the dangers, how far those are excepted but not diseases caused by smoking?

Diseases caused by smoking are overrepresented in the medical care. Here I would like to say that, if you make other activities accessible and somewhat as cheap as smoking, you will see that statics for injuries for other activities will rise.

Besides all that, people who smoke pay over 60% taxation on each packet, which covers very well the cost of medical care. (the sum will cover those who get ill since not everyone develops the disease, these taxations should very well cover the cost)

Here I would like to mention a few words about the dangers of smoking. There are many studies and research which show that smoking can harm the body. I do not dispute this fact. It is a bad habit which is not healthy but is society who should decide if a person should smoke or not?

It is not a question of injuries, disease, bad or good habits. It is all about control. I mean, where goes the limit.

Here is an example of some other habits which are acceptable but are not healthy.

  • Eating too much meat
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Sugar, sweets, and chocolate
  • Taking too many vitamins
  • Not eating breakfast in the morning
  • Eating too much food

Drinking too much water (As a matter of fact, one can get poisoned if one drinks too much water)

There are many more, and I am sure that you can come up with many other examples. Is it up to politicians, society, and “concerned citizens” to decide what is acceptable and not?

Remember, the person who performs the activity probably loves his/her life more than you and me. If it is ok for him, why shouldn’t it be Ok for others?

Often people refer that the majority have accepted or majority believes and so on. Do you know that the majority often is wrong? It is not the majority that comes up with progress and ideas. On the contrary, it is individuals who contribute to the progress of society. I don’t know where it went wrong, but somehow, the belief that if the majority accept and approve something, it must be correct. For some people, there are no other facts than major opinions and decisions.

There are many examples, as a matter of fact, countless examples where the majority were wrong—for example, the old belief of human sacrifice in Mayan culture and many other cultures. Which we know, of course, is not correct. Oppressing women and violating human rights for this group. There was a period that this was quite Ok and accepted by the majority that women should not have the same right as men.

I don’t want to waste your time with further examples, which I am sure you already know or can find information about it easily.

Many people express an opinion that is not theirs. They have heard this information so frequently that they no longer know what their own opinion is and what has been planted in their mind.

In conclusion:

Every life matter, especially for the person whose life we are talking about. No one can claim that they care more about someone’s life than that person himself.

Medical care is one of the basic human needs, and It must be free.

If you have an opinion, think about it. Is this your own opinion, or you want to be part of the majority.

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