Remote mass influence!

Remote mass influence!

The remote mass influence I want to talk about is something that most of the world laughed about. I think you may have guessed it. I am talking about the hysteria to buy toilet paper at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let us recap what happened. When the news about the virus spread around the world, people all around the world (with some exception) went out and raided the supermarket and bought every available toilet paper. People note that these people had no prior contact with each other, i.e., this was not a global coordinated effort. Many people laugh at the time because the action was so funny. I mean, at no time in history when people faced such a global crisis such as COVID-19 went out and collected every available toilet paper.    

Let us pause and think about it for a second. (Before laughing and dismissing everything).

  1. What would you do, and which supply would you collect if you were in this situation?

I guess the most logical would be food, water, and medicine. I don’t believe that toilet paper would be even in the top ten. It is just not essential for survival. Don’t you think so? I admit it is good to have, but it will not be the first thing I would try to collect and save for rainy days. So we can conclude that this action was not correct from a logical point of view.

  • In every crisis, people can behave erratically and do illogical things; This is something we have to accept, but how could so many people think the same at the same time? The action of buying toilet paper seemed to be so organized and coordinated. When you look at it, you can not conclude any other way. Many people all around the world went out and bought every available toilet paper from the supermarket. If some people behaved erratically, it would be coincident, but many millions of people do the same thing; it should have some logical reasoning behind it, or it should be coordinated. Don’t you think so?
  • Remote mass influence is the next thing that comes to mind. Since the action is not logical and so many people have been involved with the action, then it must be something else. I have interviewed several of these people (online), and none can rationally explain their purchase of many toilet paper. These people often respond, “one has to sh..t.” This is a fact, but one does not need to have a supply of two years of toilet paper save at home to do that. The fact is that one can even do that without toilet paper.

Now you may think, why should someone use “remote mass influence” to make people buy toilet paper? This is a good question, and I am going to respond to it.  Imagine it is a pandemic, nothing works as it should be, and you have a “weapon” which have not been tested properly. At this time, you can use your weapon to send a message quite harmless, like buy toilet paper. You can see how many people have been influenced by your message at the same time; no one even would think that there something wrong in society. Most people will laugh, and no one takes it seriously. Sinister isn’t it?

SO we either have to believe that millions of people suddenly decided to go and raid every supermarket for toilet paper simultaneously without any reason but coordinated or something/ someone influenced them to do so.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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