At least Love something other than yourself!

At least Love something other than yourself!

Sometimes people feel emptiness with themselves. Here I would like to differentiate between emptiness.  Someone feels empty because he is in love with money and wealth or material things. The title may cause misunderstanding. I do not mean the material things; here I am referring to the creation and specifically God’s creations like, for example, nature.

When you love something like, let us say, a tree or someone, you start to grow and learn. This is the beginning. A beautiful carpet (handmade) is done by first making a frame of strings. After that, the woolen strings are weaved around the frame’s strings, and carpets start to get shape. Loving something or someone other than yourself, is this frame. If you do not have this frame, you can not build up and make a beautiful carpet.

Some people claim they love God, and at the same time, they are willing to kill for him. Here killing is referring to killing human beings. It is hard to understand a person who loves God and, at the same time, is willing to kill God’s creation. A certain wise person said that God’s creation starts within you. If you want to know about God’s creation, start within.  The phrase I came up with a long time a was, “Your journey starts within.” The majority of people love themselves, and they are willing to go extremely far to satisfy this feeling.
If you are in love with yourself and feel emptiness, start by loving something else. It does not need to be unconditional love but love.

Another case of emptiness is when a person empties himself to let other things to enter. You can not fill a jar, which is already full. In this case, emptiness is an achievement. You have found out what you filled your existence with things that are not essential. You have been through lots of things which you may have been in love with and found out that these are not real, although all of them are God’s creation.

When you took out every “thing” one by one from the jar, the jar stays empty. Hence you feel emptiness. At this time, you should not be fearful because you have achieved what most people will not achieve in their lifetime.

The next step is to start to love something. If you do that, you will at least Love something other than yourself. OK, now your next question is what or whom should I love?

“You can start by loving yourself.”

Now you will start to doubt my sanity. From one side, I say love something other than yourself, and here again, I say start by loving yourself. What the heck do I mean, and why do I contradict myself?

Please note that “your journey starts within.” You must know who you are? Are you only flesh and blood? Where are your feelings are generated from? Are the result of some chemical interaction in your body? Do you exist because you have a physical body?

When you start to understand that you are not what you are. When you understand that there is a truth about your existence which stretch itself above the seen and unseen universe, then loving yourself means that you love something or someone other than yourself.

I do not care if you are a saint or criminal. You are Devine. You do not know it.

When a journey starts, we may get lost and take different ways. It is not the ways we take, which define the destination. It is the destination itself that is the aim. We are not defined by the road we took to reach our destination.

Is this difficult? Well, a sandwich is an easy food to make. It is good enough and somewhat delicious, but if you want a meal you can enjoy, you have to put more time into it.

The simple answer is yes, you bet it is difficult, but it worth it. For some idiot like me takes 20 years to figure out this for you maybe it will take just a month or a year. No one knows. The funny thing is that I still do not know a damn thing. Suppose you feel like asking a question. Please do not ask me. Many people are more qualified than I am and can give you the answer you seek.

In the end, it is not your brain that should understand, although you must start to think with your brain. You feel it. If you believe it, then you are just in the beginning.

Here I would like to recommend my book. The above subjects and many other subjects are described in the book. It is not a question about the money; if you can not affoarded the book, write me a letter, and I will give you a copy, but I sincerely recommend it.

Channeling with divine

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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