The growing crisis in cosmology, why a single number is causing such a big problem?

The growing crisis in cosmology, why a single number is causing such a big problem?

I believe I have written several articles about our universe. The basic fact is that mainstream scientists do not know how the universe works. The growing crisis in cosmology is about a number; This a constant which shows if the galaxies are going away from each other or getting closer.

Ok, let’s establish some background.

Edwin Hubble was the first person to discover that galaxies were getting away from each other in 1929. This allowed scientists to trace the “evolution of the universe” back to an initial Big Bang.

To find an accurate number is not so easy because, in some studies, we see that galaxies get closer to each other, and in others, they report that galaxies are getting closer. (link for details).

Suppose the main scientist except that our universe is a bubble, then the problem with the universal constant will be solved. Those Galaxies inside the bubble who are closer to the surface of the bubble show different behavior; it means that the speed of each galaxy depends on where the galaxy is inside the bubble. This results that in some parts, galaxies getting farther from each other and in some other parts of the bubble getting closer.

When I see some movies, films, and series where people claim that they can explain how the universe works, I don’t know should I cry or laugh. This claim is ridiculous. How can one explain something that he/she doesn’t understand? A while ago, I wrote an article called “Sun is not a gaseous star,” In that article, I am referring to a scientist debunking the cosmology theory, which almost all the scientists in the field believe to be the fact.

The other thing is that base knowledge that is provided by educational institutions is partially false or wrong. Daily, we find out that things we thought were true are not. Please refer to “William Tompkins.”

I should mention here that I am not claiming that I know how the universe works or have better knowledge about it. The fact is, I am a seeker like you. The only difference is that I have been searching and looking for this for years. Of course, it is not strange to look for answers to your questions. If you are looking to find the truth, you have to make a bit more effort.

By the end, the numbers and the facts all of this material illusion doesn’t mean anything. There will be a time when we will have a better understanding of things that looked mysterious at the time. My sentence may sound confusing. What do I mean by “all of this material illusion doesn’t mean anything”?

The rabbit hole goes deeper than you think. Let’s say that we are too much “involved” with material illusion. By this, I don’t mean that we do not exist. All I want to say is that we consist of vibration and energy. The material, the real-life that you see, is the reflection of the vibrations and energy. Although space traveling is fascinating, in one stage of human development, when we achieve that point, we no longer need a spaceship to travel. Does it sound unbelievable to you? Do you think this is the creation of a sci-fi mind?

Let me give you a recorded example, a documented case that no one can deny.

Ingo Swann is one of the most successful and famous remote viewers. Before NASA could confirm that Jupiter has got rings with the help of the voyager probe 1979. Ing Swann, in a remote view session, described the rings and the planet’s weather and so on. Of course, Ingo was not there physically. If you want to know more about remote viewing, please refer to “Remote viewing, sensing the unseen target with the power of mind.

In conclusion, cosmologies would like to believe that they know how the universe works, but the fact is that they do not know; not knowing is not a crime but refusing to learn and except other theories points to the fact that mainstream scientists should wake up as well.

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I leave you all in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator.

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