The concept of incarnation and reincarnation explained

The concept of incarnation and reincarnation explained

The belief in reincarnation has a deep historical background. I believe the most known culture that belief in this concept is Indian culture. The origins of the belief in reincarnation are not known. This subject appears in the philosophical traditions of India as well as Greek and the Celtic Druids.

Different culture refers to different things when there is a discussion about this subject. However, if we extract a common understanding of the concept, we can formulate it as follow:

Reincarnation refers to existence after death. There are different beliefs. Some believe that this existence is in non-material existence, and others refer to rebirth in a human body.

Let’s start to explain what happens when a person dies. The idea where “souls” were looking at their life in detail and chose a new body to enter the life was presented in THE REPUBLIC By Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett (Link).

As more I study and research the subject, I get a better understating and develop more. Here is what I have learned so far.

A person consists of the Mind/body /spirit complex; these three build what we call consciousness. The physical body is a manifestation of consciousness. The correct description for a human is mind/body/spirit complex; however, the formulation doesn’t mean that humans consist of three parts. Each term refers to a different property of consciousness.

Consciousness is a part of infinity; the infinity is built of unity. One part of unity is infinite intelligence, which I will explain in another article. 

Ok, now that we know, the human body is a manifestation of consciousness. It is easier to understand that this consciousness stays after death moves to another plane of existence.

Below is what happens:

  • A person dies, the physical body is disabled completely
  • The consciousness moves to another plane.
  • An entity called “Higher self” gets united with consciousness and reflects the life and lessons that are learned.
  • If all the lessons are learned, the person will be incarnated in another density. (refer to and search for density).
  • If there are additional lessons needed to be learned, the person is incarnated in the same density. In this process, the catalysts are chosen, the structure which will provide the highest possibilities/ probabilities vortexes to encounter these lessons are built, and a physical vessel is chosen.

Upon incarnation, a person has free will; this is what I call conditional free will; It is like a chess game where each piece has a specific movement and yet free in every way to move around within those structures.

According to sources, the higher self and consciousness are the same entities from different “Time. ” The higher self is coming from another future where he adjusts, plans, and helps the consciousness to progress further. It may sound like that everything is predefined, and there is no freedom, but the fact is that the incarnated entity has full freedom to choose any path he/she wishes. Think of a map with many different roads, which leads to a destination. You can plan the junctions and direction yet are free to deviate and choose another way. The only thing which is fixed is the beginning and the end. How you will go for one point to another is up to each entity with full freedom.

Here I would like to mention that many people who have had NDE experience (near-death experience) have confirmed this. There have been studies in this area that support this notion.

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