Not everything alive needs to breathe!

Not everything alive needs to breathe!

The definition of a living organism is changing. For many years’ scientists believed that for life to exist and evolve, some conditions shall be met, the majority of scientists blindly excepted these conditions and there has been no effort to search for life which doesn’t look the same way we expect but not everything alive needs to breathe.

Scientists have discovered an animal that doesn’t breathe. The name of this organism is “Henneguya salminicola.” H. salminicola doesn’t turn oxygen into energy, either. This is the first organism that doesn’t have respiratory genes. The discovery is significant because of two facts, in my opinion. (Link)

First, all multicellular animals on Earth that have been investigated by scientist and their DNA have been analyzed by DNA sequencing have some respiratory genes. According to a new study that has been published (Feb. 24) in the journal of the National Academy of Sciences, this organism’s genome does not have any respiratory genes.

The second part of this discovery, which is very significant, is that now we know there is one organism that doesn’t breathe oxygen. The dogma around the definition of life is changing. For a long period, there has been a belief that every living organism needs water, air, and environmental conditions like on Earth. No one dared to claim otherwise.

Maybe we have to change the way we are thinking about living organisms and entities. I mean, philosophers claimed that “I think that is why I exist.” The law of one (Ra material) defines human as mind/body/spirit complex.

Why is it so that we humans consider only entities with similar biological complexes as an only viable living being? I don’t know if this is a racist way of thinking or not (A joke), but it is very shortsighted.

The same goes for our medical science. Everything is caused by a chemical unbalance and / foreign organism; The body must always be cured with the help of some chemicals. No one does any research on natural cures and other methods of healings.

People who work with herbal medicines and offer alternative healing methods often are punished by societies. Of course, it is not the only society that wishes to punish these healers. Often multinational pharmaceutical companies who are lobbying push politicians to construct laws that influence life somehow and with that, I mean limiting people to use alternative cure and medication.

It is clear which people will then benefit from these laws which are in force on usual people. A while ago, I discussed with a medical student who truly believed that big pharma is the saver of the people.

I truly believe that, for example, the reason for that we still do not have a cure for all different cancer is because if you find a cure for a disease, then you no longer able to charge for medication, which should be taken in a regular basis.

I truly believe that the above is why we still do not have a cure for some diseases like diabetes.

It is naïve to think that a multinational corporation whose main purpose is to generate profit would do anything that does not generate wealth and profit.

This is why there are lots of money spent on some research and other research, although very important go does not get the attention and funds they need.

So, in conclusion, there is a living organism that does not have the same biology as us. One of them was found on Earth, Henneguya salminicola, that doesn’t breathe, and if we forget about the dogma and think freely, we should be able to conclude that life can come in any shape and size.

On Earth, we are carbon-based, and somewhere else, life maybe is silicon base. Is it so crazy to think so?

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