Divine order or random coincidences?

Divine order or random coincidences?

Have you ever noticed that your actions have a causality? You may think it is obvious that one’s actions have causalities. When one pours down coffee in a cup, the result will be that it will be filled with coffee. In this example, the result of the action is obvious, but this is not always the case. What I am trying to say is that sometimes the actions have no clear result. The connection is not visible and obvious. So the question is this divine order or random coincidences?

It would be very strange if you throw a stone into a lake on one side of the world and this action would cause a car to lose control on the other side of the world. If this were true, we would have a very crazy world, right?

Logically these two actions have no connection with each other. The first action logically could not cause the second one.  I want to ask you what if these were connected? Just because we do not have enough knowledge to connect these two actions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no dependencies.

Let’s play with a thought that different actions cause unexpected results, which you can not predict. This would mean that the world we are living in would have no logical law. (This is, of course, if our assumption would be correct). Let’s formulate the sentence differently. “the world we are living in wouldn’t have logical laws which are visible.”

At this point, I would like to present you with a quantum physic theory which is called “quantum entanglement.” This theory says that two particles are entangled with each other and interact. An action on one will cause a reaction to another one. The science doesn’t understand how these two particles are entangled. All we know is that when one of the particles, for instance, moves, the other one will move as well. Please note that I am explaining this in a very simple word. This interaction will happen to the other particle, regardless of the distance between these two particles.

The above has been tested and proven many times, but at the time, scientists didn’t want even to discuss the subject. Many famous scientists ignored the fact.

Ok, at this time, you may be confused and thinking what it is I am trying to say. How can I prove that a small stone thrown into a lake on one side of the world affects a car to lose control on the other side of the world?

Let’s take an example, let’s say that a kid throws a stone into the lake, a fish ran away from the water splash, but a fisherman catches the fish in his net. The fish is sold to a restaurant and a person traveling on that part of the planet; eats this fish in the restaurant. He then travels back to let’s say, another side of the planet. Unfortunately, the fish he ate was not good, and it was spoiled because of bad preservation. The traveler gets sick, of course. At the time he gets to the destination airport and the plane lands. He still feels somewhat ok, but while driving, he gets very sick, and his car gets off-road because he no longer could control the car. (This is just an example)

All I am saying just because the connection is not obvious, this doesn’t mean that there is no connection. The first action causes the second one and so on until we come to the last one. In this case, we only see the stone being thrown, which is the first action, and the car gets out of control, which is the causality. There are many other activities and casualties between these two; it can be a few or millions. It is like having two dots, and you are trying to connect them. Of course, one can just draw a straight line between them, but there are eternal ways to connect these two dots. What we need is more dots to be able to connect these two first dots more accurately. This is done with quantum computers.

Recently, I saw a program about quantum computers. In nature, things go from order to disorder and not the other way around. Imagine a billiard board. When you hit and spread the bolls, there are so many factors that make it difficult to count backward. i.e., to go from disorder to order.

Another example is when you drop an egg on the hard floor. The egg will most probably break. Now imagine you wish to reverse this action.

In this video clip, they claimed that they could put back the billiard balls into the first position, from disorder to order. This means that they can calculate the reverse process with quantum computers.

At last, I would like to offer a theory. My theory is:

“Everything is connected, and there are dependencies between everything. Sometimes, these dependencies are obvious, and sometimes they are hard to identify”.

I know that this sounds very strange, but this is a theory that I believe in.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you want to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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