This is just impossible; we are still using fossil fuel to send a man to space!

This is just impossible; we are still using fossil fuel to send a man to space!

Have you ever wondered why technologies are developing uneven? This is just impossible; we are still using fossil fuel to send a man to space. Look around yourself and check the development of every other technology, we have gone so far in every other field, but we are still using combustion engine as transport means.

The computer used to send a man to the moon, I mean the computer onboard the Apollo 11, had 32K Ram and 74k ROM. Ram stands for Random Access Memory, and ROM stands for Read-only memory. What does all of these means?  Let’s say like this, both memories in the Apollo 11 computer were not enough to save a moderate quality picture of 1 MB. Nowadays, phone cameras take pictures that need somewhere between 1 to 15 MB of space to store the data.

Inelegance vehicles are driving us around with different sensors and data computation in the different car specific software modules; smart systems which help us to be safer on the road and keep us away from mistakes and accident.

Take a look at medical progress. We have daily discoveries in new medicine and procedures which save a life. New material and technics are developed to make things better. Why is it so that we are still using fossil fuel? Did you ever think about it?

Just take a look at your smartphone. That is a minicomputer capable of computing at least 1 million times faster than Apollo 11 computers. Why is it that computers and other technologies have progressed 1 million times in the last decades, but we are still stuck with rocket fuel?

Did you know oil companies buy that latest patent for new batteries and electrical storage devices?

Do free energy devices exist?

Emery Smith is an inventor and former SSP employee. He has designed a device capable of zero-point energy. In many interviews has claimed that he has built a zero-point module which can provide free energy. You may ask, what is a zero-point module. The answer is that this device takes energy from the space which has “infinite” energy and converts that energy to some energy which we can use it.

It is not only an emery smith who claims that it has built a device for free energy. Many claim the same thing. The problem is as soon as someone wants to introduce these devices to the world, somehow SSP put their hands on these devices and heathen the inventor. The device disappears, and no one sees it again.

The oil business is one of the most profitable and the biggest money-making source in the world. If everyone has free energy, then these multinational companies cannot make money anymore. The funny thing is that many whistleblowers have already informed that such devices exist and are in use.

Am I naïve who want to believe that we have had progress in this area as well, and it has been kept hidden from us? Maybe, but I still cannot believe that in the last decades, everything has progressed, but we are still stuck with fossil fuels.

Did you know that combustion engines today are working on the same principles as they did decades ago, except with few minor changes?

Next time you start your car to go to work or take your child to school, think about it, isn’t there better technology to power the engine of your car?

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you want to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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