Baba Vanga and her predictions

Baba Vanga and her predictions of the future about 2019 will shock you.

Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian old blind lady who could “see” the future has 80% accurate future predictions. She predicted the 9/11 attack, the rise of ISIS, and have warned about cataclysms in 2019.

Baba Vanga was born in Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova in 1911 in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. She lost her eyesight at a young age but later develop mystics power to see the future. This Bulgarian woman have predicted Brexit, the 2004 Thailand tsunami, the 9/11 attack, the sinking of the Russian Kursk submarine 2000.,

Baba Vanga’s followers claim that she has predicted the end of the world, the rise to power of Vladimir Putin, and a mysterious illness that will strike down US President probably, Donald Trump.

Baba Vanga hade healing power, and here successive prophecies made her wide following. There is a legend that says that an angel visited Vanga at the age of six and offer her the choice of eyesight or prophecy; She chose the prophecy.

Prediction for 2019

US president will get ill in 2019

According to a prophecy by Baba Vanga, the 45 presidents of the United States will get an unknown and mysterious disease. This disease will cause the president will lose his hearing and brain damage.

Vladimir Putin will survive an assassination attempt on his life.

According to a prophecy by Baba Vanga, there will be an assassination attempt on Mr. Putin in the year 2019.

Mr. Putin took office in 2000 was previously serving as an intelligence officer. He acknowledges that he is no stranger attempts on his life. He has also admitted there have been at least four failed assassination attempts on his life.

A huge tsunami will hit Asia in 20019

Baba Vanga correctly predicted Thailand’s tsunami 2004, which killed over 200000 people. This time she has predicted a lager tsunami that will hit parts of Pakistan, Japan, China, and Indonesia in 2019.

Here are some other prophecies of Baba Vanga:

  • Global will be eradicated between 2025 and 2028.
  • From 2033 to 2045, the polar ice caps will melt, causing ocean levels to rise.
  • The rise of cloning will mean doctors can cure any disease.
  • The US will launch an attack on Muslims using a climate-based weapon.
  • Between 2072 and 2086, a classless, Communist like society will bloom in newly-restored nature
  • Between 2170 and 2256, a Mars colony will become a nuclear power and demand independence from the earth.
  • On earth, and underwater cities will be built, and humans will find something “terrible” during the search for alien life.
  • Sometime between 2262 and 2304, we’ll discover how to time travel.
  • From 2341 a series of natural and human-made disasters will make earth uninhabitable. But humans will escape to another solar system, and wars will be waged.
  • From 4302 to 4674 – humans become immortal because they have got adapted alien inherited.
  • The 340 billion people scattered throughout the universe can talk to God.
  • In 5079, the universe will end

I don’t know if Baba Vanga’s predictions will come true or not; after all, anyone who is somewhat familiar with the time-traveling concept knows that the future can change. This is why not all the prophecies come true.

What do you think?

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you want to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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