Are you a free man?

Are you a free man?

Do you believe that your actions, thought, behavior, and way life is the result of your free choice? Are you a free man?

The time of human slavery is passed, or is it? Even nowadays, human rights organizations and authorities are fighting with human trafficking. When of all ages and races are kidnapped and sold as sex slaves all around the world. People see their loved ones disappear and wind up somewhere in the world as slaves. Small children are kidnapped and sold to the couples who wish to have a child, but for some reason, they are unable to have a child of their own, are purchasing these children and raise them.  Although all the above are the facts, this is not the subject of my article. I just mentioned the above to wake up those who are truly sleeping and living in a world where they haven’t heard about these issues. For these people, I want to show that slavery, even in the form of days, still exists.

Now let’s consider a normal daily life. You wake up, wash your face, brush tooth, and put some closure on. Then you go to the kitchen and have some breakfast. After breakfast, you start your car or take public transportation and go to work.

All of the above seems normal. Right?

I can assure you there is nothing normal with the small scenario which I described above.

Let’s start with toothpaste. Which brand of toothpaste did you choose to brush your tooth with? Do you believe that the choice was yours? When you ate in the kitchen. What was the choice of food? How about the clothes you chose to wear? How about the brand of your care? Did you choose to take public transportation, or are you doing it because of economic reasons? Environmental reasons?

Did your choice originate from yours as a free human being?

We are bombarded with advertisements daily. Although you may think that type, model, and color of your shirt is your choice. You may never know. You may never know when and where your subconscious has been influenced by someone or somehow without you know it.

When you see a coca-cola in a tv commercial, you very well understand that this is a way to influence. Unfortunately, commercials are not the only way we are influenced. Hidden messages in a different part of life play a big role.

When you see a cool actor is smoking a cigarette or the same cool actor which you idealize because of a massive advertisement everywhere, speaks loosely about the cannabis in a movie or tv show, or even smokes while a funny act is happening. You connect the cannabis with the fun you observe at that time.

Of course, multinational corporations, which have no morals except profit. Enslave people through these subliminal messages. The news journals which loosely speak about the death of innocent people in Syria and at the same time informing about the actress x who just bought a brand-new shining dress for x thousand dollars in Paris want our brain not to think why these people are killed.

Addiction runs through societies like cancer cells.  The addiction is not always in the form of being addicted to substances. Excessive gaming is another example. Some people sit behind a computer and play a certain game for hours.  I am not speaking about moderate gaming. This is the kind of gaming where you sit 8-16 hours a day and play.

The intent of these people is not always money.  We are talking about total domination and control.

The final word I can offer is that the only way to eliminate these issues is by raising people’s knowledge and consciousness.

If one knows that he is under attack, he will find a way to defend himself, although it is very difficult for one person to defend himself on his own.

I don’t know why I write these articles or even if anybody cares. Even if one person gets awareness, I have done my part, and I have a clear conscious that I shared what I knew.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you want to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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