Google search with the help of chip in the brain

Google search with the help of chip in the brain

Many people get tingling feelings and get excited when they hear this sentence. Are we far from this, or we have the technology to do this?

A while ago, the news was published in a UK newspaper and other newspapers worldwide (Link). This news informed that thousand of Swedes are getting microchip implemented in their hand to be able to do various activities such as opening doors or accessing secure facilities, and so on.

Well, I don’t believe that this story will end there. First is a small chip in hand, and next will be in arms (Maybe to become stronger), and finally, we will reach a point where electronics and computerize devices are planted all over our bodies.

You may think what is wrong with getting enhanced? In our daily life, we govern on each part of our body (In most of the cases), at this age of development when we are not sure if we can trust our computers to be free from various virus and malware. It is no so smart to give control of part of the body to a foreign device.

The other day my coworkers were talking about some strange cases. They told me that on some occasions, they were talking about some service and product. Without making any search on the internet for these products or services, the next day, they were getting advertisements about the specific services and products that they were talking about prior to their phones.

The multi corporations’ companies like Facebook are already cataloged our habit and other parts of our lives. Do we need to give direct access to our bodies as well?

Unfortunately, this is not the only downside. Imagine having a chip in the brain that would help you think about a topic and gives you the result directly in your mind. what is the guarantee that the result of your search has not been manipulated? What are the grantees that you are not getting influenced systematically and directly in your brain? Furthermore, direct access to our thoughts will remove any privacy and our rights as individuals.

Suppose groups of people are fighting for freedom of speech and privacy. They could be taken out with a push of a button. The result is a totalitarian ruling of the people who has these chips and devices in their brain.

Some people say well this can become optional, i.e., one can choose to implant or not. The reality is when a big amount of the people who live in oblivions and do not know the downsides of the technology has implemented these devices in the heads, the rest of the population is forced to do so. This has happened many times.

The subject of Big Data has been discussed in the different levels of society, but until now, no action has been taken to limit or stop this.

The race for the development of AI has got unimaginable speed where almost all the big corporations have taken part in it. Stop for a moment and imagine how society is changed when AI, which has a consciousness, has been developed. Theoretically, these machines can do any jobs. Would humans in that case be relevant anymore? When the multinational corporations decide that humans are not relevant anymore, will there be any effort to consider the welfare of human beings?

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you wish to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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