Bionic eyes are a reality, don’t you believe it? Read this!

Bionic eyes are a reality, don’t you believe it? Read this!

Spanish scientist has been able to connect human-made bionic eye with cables directly to the brain. The experiment was done during sex month with a positive result.  Now scientist is looking for the next stage and further development of the bionic eye.

It sounds like a sci-fi story. The question is, what does all this mean? Of course, it is a good thing. To enable people with disabilities to see, to see again is a beautiful thing, but what should be careful about.

Often scientific discoveries are used for the wrong purpose. A part of the problem is people who believe that human is enhancement is done through technical achievement. Many people have warned about the huge threat which AI development poses to society. Is this just paranoia? Hollywood has made many movies about AI and machines which achieved consciousness and start destroying people who are, in their eyes, obsolete.

Now, we may never see that, but when society starts believing that machinery and technic will give humanity advancement will help people to achieve enlightenment, then we are swimming in deep water.

A while ago, I wrote an article called “Google search with the help of chip in the brain.” The simple discussion in this article shows how people are unaware of the consequences which follow a decision, which later on will be forced to the majority of people.

People mainly claim or believe that upgrading to bionic parts will be optional. I want to give you an example. Do you remember Swine flu, which hit t global? Soon people were offered a vaccine. Of course, this good but in some countries like the US, people were forced to take the vaccine shot. Ok, you may think about why this is bad? This is for their own good.

I want to remind you that the vaccine which was provided to fight this epidemic contained a substance which in its term, caused diseases like narcolepsy. (By the way, the connection of vaccine and this disease has been proven by the scientist).

Ok, if you start to lose me, let me go back to the main subject again. A new thing which is offered in the society at first is always optional. This, however, will not stay that way forever.

Sometimes because of laws and sometimes because of society’s pressure, people will lose their free will and option.

Another problem is that often the government and military use new technic and discoveries in an “unethical and moral way.” The military-industrial complex is always looking for a better and more efficient way to kill and destroy.

Please don’t misunderstand me; this discovery is enormous. It is great to give the possibility to people who have lost their eyesight the gift of seeing again. Still, when it comes to questions about humanity’s further development and enlightenment, bionic parts are not the answer.

We have to develop further spiritually and see the material world illusion instead of enhancing thought mechanical parts. A wise man, Sadhguru, gives an example in his interviews, which was simple and mind-opening. Let’s say a mobile phone is a fascinating gadget for most people. People generally accept that advanced technology has been used to develop this apparatus.

Imagine a human baby who is born. The foodstuff which is given to this little person makes him grow, and the body starts to develop so in a sense, we are making human from food. I mean, complex biological machinery is made by a “simple piece of bread.” Unfortunately, no one ever thinks about this as an advanced technique. Isn’t this fascinating that we make people with substance?

So next time you think about a new gadget and bionic parts. When you see movies like “ghost in the shell” and get fascinated by what she can do, remember that we are already advanced enough.

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I leave you all in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator.

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