UFO and aliens, where are the evidence?

UFO and aliens, where are the evidence?

I am getting lots of feedback from people who would like to know why I am not writing more about the Aliens and strange things happening all around us. The point is that all of us have seen many strange lights of things we can not explain. There are even clear pictures and movies of flying objects which defy every law of physic. The problem is that if a person doesn’t believe, no matter how many pictures and strange things you show him, he is going to find some excuses to decline it. It is either CGI or some light tricks and so on. I am asking you how many pictures or movies do you need to be convinced? The fact is that even if you see one phenomenon which you cannot explain, it should be enough for you to start thinking.

Some people accept it but don’t have the energy to think further. Some others say that there must be something wrong with the feed and so on. Think about it. There have been many people coming forward and claiming all sorts of thing which I don’t want to get it at this moment. How many is enough?

The fact is that even if someone goes as close as possible to a spaceship and take a picture, people who don’t want to believe they will not.

Below I will represent some authentic pictures of German UFO during the second world war, which were called foo-fighters.
There is no dispute on the origin and the fact that the picture is real. Research yourself, don’t take my word for it.

It is in front of your eyes. Where else do you hide something secret. In plain sight. People’s conclusion is that it either not real or even if it is; it couldn’t be so advanced. For God’s sake, it is from 60 years ago.

Do you want to see more pictures? I am not that genius; you can find them yourself. Just type in google “German UFO Second world war” and choose a picture. Do you wish articles? Choose between the search result and start reading and investigate.

Now you may wonder what the German UFO has to do with aliens. It is all connected. If you want to know, start from the beginning. Another thing is that it is more tangible to see humanmade soccer.

What I want to say is. Suppose you are attracted to a site like mine. It is a big probability that you feel that something is wrong. You feel something is wrong with society, the world, and everything around you, but you can not exactly point to the direction where the problem is originated.

It is like you have been sleeping for a long time, and you woke up from a coma. You notice things which you didn’t pay attention to. Things you accepted as norm and truth a while ago do not make sense anymore.

Although there is an ocean of information hidden from the public, there are lots of material available for you where you can find answers.

What I am trying to do is not to convince you. I am trying to give a hint and guide you toward directions, where you can find answers to your questions. Of course, I am a member of society, and I have an economic burden like any other person. To avoid giving reasons to others and to avoid consequences that may affect my life in a way that I am no longer able to support my family and myself, I write more consciously.

You have to be smart enough to read between the lines. However, if you feel that you need more direct guidance, please contact me, giving you more clear information.

God bless you all.

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