What is the definition of nothingness?

What is the definition of nothingness?

Recently, I hade a discussion with a person about “no existence” and “nothingness.” The discussion didn’t come to a conclusion, but I still would like to present this discussion to you because it is interesting.

What is nothingness? What is no existence? I mean, was there any time where nothing existed? Every time anyone wants to define nothingness, he/she says, “nothingness is when nothing exists.” First of all, one uses two defined words to explain something which doesn’t have any definition, i.e., nothingness. In this case, one uses the word “nothing” and “exists.” Here we have defined nothingness with the help of those two words. During the discussion I got another example; the number zero “0” was presented to define nothingness; This is not correct either. The number zero is also representing the lake of value.
If you think about it, you can not define nothingness without using something. To explain nothingness, we usually use the lake of value, the lake of existence, the lake of movement, the lake of space and time, etc.

If we agree that nothingness by definition doesn’t exist, then all is left existence. The question is if the existence is eternal or have been created.

Let’s talk about a universal being that has created the universe and everything. Some people call him God, some others call him universe, and so on. There are not so many options to choose from. He has either been created or has existed since the beginning of time (BY the way, time doesn’t exist).

If he has been created, then the entity who has created the first one must have been living forever; otherwise, if he also has been created, then we have the same problem for the third one. We can go like this to eternity, but somewhere we must stop. If you think about it logically, somewhere, we have to stop and accept that the entity which has created all have created itself from nothingness, which it doesn’t make sense since nothingness doesn’t exist, or he must have existed from the beginning.

In the article, Viva forever, where comes the feeling of wanting to live forever? I have tried to explain that humans have experience of eternity in the subconscious. Although the understanding of eternity is difficult for us, somewhere deep inside, we know what eternity is.

Let’s go back to the discussion of nothingness. If one looks at the binary code, which I believe is a universal language, zero doesn’t exist; we do not have impulse zero, 0 is a lake of electrical impulse or energy.

For the reader who is not familiar with binary code, here is a short explanation. Binary code is base on the power of 2, i.e., 2 power of zero gives us 1, 2 power of 1 gives 2. An example of a binary number which consists of 8 bits is 00000001. This is equal to 0+0+0+0+0+0+0+2^0, which is equal to 1. Which number will be in power is based on the location of zero from left to right.
If you feel that this is complicated, don’t worry about it; just know that binary consists of zero and one.

OK, let’s go away from the nerdy part and focus on the subject.
To define nothingness, we always need to use words or things that are defined, i.e., the thing that exists. True nothingness doesn’t exist. Even a lake of existence is a kind of thing that exists.

Another example is day and night. The night doesn’t exist. You may think, wow, this is total nonsense. Of course, night exists. To clarify this, I can tell you that night is a lake of light. Night by itself doesn’t exist.

What do you think? Do all of these make sense to you?

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you want to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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