Viva forever, where comes the feeling of wanting to live forever?

Viva forever, where comes the feeling of wanting to live forever?

I remember when I was a bit younger, around the age of 24 or 25, A person came to me and asked me:

-Do you want to live forever?

My response was somewhat like a response, which is common among younger people. I said, why should I want to live in this world more than I need to. I mean, with all the misery and pain in life, I felt that one life would be quiet enough. so why viva forever, where comes the feeling of wanting to live forever?

Most of the suicides among elderly people, at least in Sweden, are the result of loneliness and the feeling of not finding meaning with life. Otherwise, as older a person gets, he appreciates life more. There are lots of elderly who have a wish to live forever. To be honest, many people wish to live forever.

This raised a question in my mind. I wanted to know where this feeling comes from. I mean, we have some examples and understanding of almost everything we wish to have; if I would wish a brand-new car, I must have seen it somewhere, or maybe test drove one. I would then get a wish to have the car for myself.

The situation gets more complicated when a person to wish to live forever.  I don’t know anyone who has experienced or understood the meaning of eternity, yet many people want it.

In our reality, which is composed of the worldly objects around us, nothing is forever.

The claim above is not exactly accurate; there is something that we have experience of and exists for eternity. Let’s go scientific; what I am talking about is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can be converted from one type to another. One can also convert matter to energy and the opposite (Of course, we still don’t know how to convert energy to matter, with this, of course, that mainstream scientists don’t know how to convert energy to matter).

Does the wish for a living forever comes from the fact that we know energy exists forever?  In that case, many people who know this fact could get this idea, but the reality is that many people who don’t know this fact also wish to live forever.

I have never met a person who claimed that he would like to wish forever because he found out that energy can exist forever.

Let’s consider our consciousness. I cannot exactly claim I know what consciousness is made of, but I can say that it is not made of matter. If we consider that consciousness is energy and both energy and matter are made of vibrations (According to string theory), we have another situation. Every person has consciousness, and if this consciousness is made of energy, then we can claim that we have been part of eternity.  I mean, this is not as crazy as it sounds, even if you consider religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The belief is that humanity was created by Almighty God and then given energy or a soul if you wish.

Maybe subconsciously, we are aware of eternity. In that case, it would make sense that people wish to live forever. If one has an understanding of something, he can wish it as well.

I mean, we came from eternity and will go back to it. Now in between and what will happen after death is another story.

That story is composed of different beliefs and is different for every one of us. What I mean is that it depends on each person and his belief, for example, what happens after death. Different belief doesn’t necessarily need to be correct according to you and I but that is the point, a person’s belief has to make sense for him.

The thing that it doesn’t make sense for me is, why all these cruelties between different nations and people? 

Aren’t we all coming from the same source? That is, of course, another discussion.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you want to share this article, share it with someone you care about.

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