Double-slit experiment.

Double-slit experiment.

Is this weird science or freaky magic? WSFM.

In the world of science, there are lots of things we don’t understand. Sometimes things look like magic. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C. Clarke. A double-slit experiment is one of those issues which we cannot understand. That is why it looks like magic to us.

Let me explain the basics to you. In this experiment, the scientist shoots electron through one slit into a wall; the imprints then look like a line, which indicates that that electron behaves as particles. When two slits are created, and electrons are passed through, the imprint looks like the imprint for waves. This is confusing because once electron show behavior as a particle and another time like waves. To understand the issue scientist, place an observer (something like a camera) behind the opening of the slits to see how particles are exiting the slits at that time when the repeat the experiment; the imprint looked like particles and no longer like a wave. To explain in simple words, when an observer is there, the electron particles imprint looks like a particle, and when the is no observer, the imprint looks like a wave. i.e., the result of the experiment is different if we are observing or not. 

So, what does this means? Are electrons aware of when someone watches them? How do they understand when there is an observer, and when there is no observer?

Some say that everything is a result of vibration on energy, which we are built from, and our consciousness can influence actual physical things around us. In this experiment, I believe that the consciousness of the people who conduct the experiments is influencing the electron particles. It is not the electron particles that are aware of the observer. It is the observer that is influencing the behavior of the electrons.

The subject of consciousness is not something that can be measured and experimented on yet. This makes the issue look like magic; hence it is WSFM.

There are many experiments like above which scientist do not understand the result. Another example is one is quantum entanglement. “Spooky action at a distance.” ― Albert Einstein.
Quantum entanglement refers to two-particle, which are entangled in the quantum level. If an action influence one particle, the other one will also respond to the action no matter the distance.
Imagine you have one pair of gloves left and right. You take the right one to the moon and place it in a box. On the earth, you start to poke the left one, and the right one in the moon moves as well. This is strange because there is no connection between these two gloves. (This is a simple example to describe the quantum entanglement).

Is this weird science or freaky magic? To be honest, it is freaky. Although scientist knows about all the above, they are still not able to explain why this happens.

My personal opinion is that this all about vibrations and frequencies. We have a long way to go to understand our consciousness and higher self.

What do you think?

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you like the article,  share it with someone you care about.

Below is a YouTube clip explaining the double slits experiment in detail.


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