What is cosmic karma in simple words?

What is cosmic karma in simple words?

On many occasions, the word cosmic karma is used; many people know more or less what karma is, but not so many know the meaning of cosmic karma. The idea is that our actions have karmic causalities in a universal view. The cosmic karma also means that not only what we do matters, what we do matters as a planet in a universal view. We as a planet may get benefits, or different actions may have downsides in our lives.

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Have you heard that sometimes when a bad person somehow has an accident or bad luck at that time, people say that karma got him? You may think that karma means when we will do bad think, karma, at one point, will punish us. This assumption is not quite accurate.

Karma means “balance,” and cosmic karma means “universal balance.” Karma can be accumulated; this means that you can keep doing what you want without any consequences, but at one point, the accumulated karma will be applied.

One can not talk about karma without speaking about reincarnation. We will speak about that later in this article, but for now, I will continue with karma.

Karmic payback is always in full, and it is always in this life and with the physical body. It doesn’t work to say that a karmic payback will be in other life and so on.

Karma has positive payback as well; people do not always get punished by karma. Sometimes karma brings positive reward to a person as well.

You may ask, how do I know what I do is positive or negative? In general, we have to be in the service of others. If you are unfair toward someone and stop his free will, the karma will at one point make an action that this unbalance will balance itself either by stopping you of your free will or other ways.

If we explain karma more accurately, karma is a set of laws that enforce balance and harmony. If we look at karma as action, then karma is inertia. Inertia means here that when you make an action. You create inertia for getting into balance. This inertia then is karma. The thing about karma is that it is nighter bad or good. The result of our actions may bring a good or bad thing to us, but we cannot blame karma for it. When we say bad karma, it means we will receive something that we may perceive as bad or unpleasant, but the karmic payback will cause balance and harmony.

This balance will not always be apparent to us, but someone may see or even benefit from the action taken by karma. Nevertheless, the balance will always be restored.

Why karmic laws exist?

Karma is a universal teacher; it teaches us a lesson. We learn about right and wrong by being rewarded or punished. Suppose you ask, how do we define right and wrong? As I mentioned above, we have to be in the service of others. Do not do anything to someone which you don’t wish to be done to you. I don’t believe that there are “absolute good or bad or even absolute moral values”; however, I also believe deep inside everyone possesses knowledge about what is considered to be good or bad.

What is reincarnation, and what is a connection with karma?

Reincarnation is the process of rebirth after death. Our consciousness is reunited with its counterpart, called the higher self, and we remember all prior lives we have pass through. The place we go after death is in another world we do not have access to until we die. Upon return, we choose a new body and a new life story to learn. Scenarios are created to test if we will repeat the same mistakes or not. Here karma enters the games to teach us lessons.

As a normal person who lives among other people, we have a hard time keeping us away and not being karmically involved. I give you an example, suppose In an accident, you cause someone to become physically disabled. The karma will initiate some action to balance this action; this is one of the ways a person gets karmically involved with someone else.

Sometimes people think that the most obvious action karma makes to make another person a disabled person as well. This way of thinking is the way we think, and it is the easiest, and it is not always correct. Karma will consider all possible scenarios when it takes action.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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