What are the signs for a control freak society with a big brother organization!?

What are the signs for a control freak society with a big brother organization!?

Many societies are going toward a big brother organization and monitor citizens 24/7. Often when we talk about the big brother organization, people picture a society full of cameras where everything is monitored. Although this is a common way to monitor citizens of a country, it is not the only way.  There are many ways of collecting information and monitoring without people are reacting to it. So, What are the signs for a control freak society with a big brother organization!?

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A society like Sweden, which is built-in big brother Principals, is one example of such a society. It is not unfair to say that society is a control freak society where people are so much monitored, and behaviors and freedom have been limited by so many laws that people no longer react. I mean, people are used to it.

In Sweden, there is a national identity number that is used for every possible purpose. I was talking to a colleague who wished to learn an additional language. This person still didn’t have a national id at that time. She was not able to take a simple language course.

The above is just a warmup. National Id is used so frequently and in so many ways that you no longer know which information is collected. With a press of a button, anyone who has access can find out what you have eaten for lunch, how did you come to the job, when you entered the train, and when you left, which medication are you using, which illness you are suffering from and so on.

Nothing is unnoticed, and everything is registered. Of course, criminals always find a way to stay out of the system. The above information was just an example of what can be extracted with a press of a button. Everything, and I mean by that everything, is registered somewhere. The funny thing is no one objects and notices anything. People have been living under this condition that they no longer even notice that their freedom is being limited, and they are being imprisoned little by little.

Now let me give you some examples of a control freak behavior.

I recently heard a proposition from a political party where they would like to give food coupons to people living under social welfare. This act is common in some countries, although I do not believe it is the correct way to help people in need. I mean, this can happen to anyone. Not everyone in the grocery store and neighbors need to know that a person is living with social welfare. However, that is my opinion.

The idea is to give food coupons which are valid only to buy food and vegetables and fruits. The items like chips and fizzy drinks cannot be bought with these coupons. I mean, people are being “guided” to what to eat. I would call that the need for extreme control or, in other words, control freak society.

Everything is monitored. Example what is monitored is: different laws have restricted the color of your house, what you eat, the height of the vegetation around your house, which medication you take, your methods of parenting, the condition of your car, how you dispose of your garbage, and so on.

The politicians have declared Swedish people incompetent who cannot make the simplest decision about their own life, and everything must be guided. It may sound strange for you, but let’s say today income taxation is between 32-34% (it is 32-34%). If tomorrow’s government decides to raise it to 45%, no one will object.

Retirement age is rising to 67 years, and whispers are all around without any objection from people.

Next time, when you start to think sorry for yourself and think that the government limits you, remember, there are other ways to limit freedom and keep people under total control where people don’t even notice that they are losing freedom.

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