Did you know that Bob Lazar, the first whistleblower who revealed the existence of area 51?

Did you know that Bob Lazar, the first whistleblower who revealed the existence of area 51?

Lazar was interviewed in May 1989, which was performed by George Knapp on a TV station called KLAS. His face was covered, and he introduced himself as “Dennis.” Lazard revealed his employment in an army base called “S-4”. This was a facility that belonged to area 51. He said the facility was next to Papoose Lake, which is located south of the main Area 51 facility at Groom Lake. So,  Did you know that Bob Lazar, the first whistleblower who revealed the existence of area 51?

What lazar claimed after shocked the public. He claimed that “S-4” is a place where alien craft are concealed inside different aircraft hangars. These aircraft hangars were built inside the mountainside. Lazar’s job in this facility was to help with the reverse engineering of one of nine flying saucers. He also claims that the flying saucer he was working on was made of a metallic substance like stainless steel. Lazar appeared in another interview in November, where he revealed his identity.

When Lazar came out as a whistleblower, no one knew about the existence of area 51. Nowadays, almost everyone knows about area 51. Think about it this was thanks to Bob Lazar.

Lazar revealed some information about the propulsion system on the flying saucer he was working on. He was the first one who mentioned element 115. For those who are not familiar with the periodic table, at that time, there were only 114 elements were known to the scientists. Element 115 (or E115) was so-called discovered and synthesized by Russian 2003.  This element is also called moscovium. Bon claimed that this element generates gravity waves (again, no one knows what gravity waves are because we still do not fully understand gravity).

During the years, people tried to ridicule and discredit Bob Lazar. Below is a quote from Lazar:

“I know there is alien craft here from another planet. I saw nine, but I was inside one. I know it was not made on Earth. I now it was made of materials that we can not fabricate and we can not duplicate. We have never been able to. It is nothing I would have ever expected to see. I also know that we have examined bodies of alien creatures. I know this, for a fact, and that is the bottom line” -Bob Lazar.

You may ask why Bob Lazar came out as a whistleblower at that time. He answers this question in a recent interview. At that time, Bob took some amount of element 115 home. This was a big mistake because later he found out that he has been caught and the base knows about it. Lazar, a very intelligent person, knew that the only way he can stay alive is to go public. That was the initial reason why Bob Lazar went public with his information. Whatever his reasons were, thanks to him, the most secretive military base was revealed to the public.

Was Bob lying? What were he motives? Bob went to silence and refused an interview. Recently Bob Lazar told his story again. There is a documentary available on Netflix about Lazar. Please note that he never benefited from any publicity or even the latest documentary he appeared in.

In the end, I want you to think about why a person destroys his reputation and his life like this? What are his motives? Was he telling the truth about area 51? Was he telling the truth about Element 115?

Think for yourself and make your conclusion. Don’t let anyone make up your mind for you.

IN the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article and, God bless you. If you like the article, please share it.

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