Archeologists found evidence for ancient airplanes from 1000 years ago!

Archeologists found evidence for ancient airplanes from 1000 years ago!

Ever since the Wrights brother made their first successful flight on 17 December 1903, whenever the first airplane is mentioned, people refer to the Wright brothers. After reading this article, you may start to question the first successful was performed in 1903. In this article, I will present your evidence for “Archeologists found evidence for ancient airplanes from 1000 years ago”.

Let’s start with the following picture:

Few dozen golden objects are found in Colombia; these objects are called the Quimbaya artifacts. The Quimbaya civilization is dated around 1000 CE. What is strange with these objects is that they look like pin and several of them look like a modern airplane.

According to ancient astronauts’ theorists, these pins which look like airplane represent modern airplanes, and therefore to be out-of-place artifacts. The figurines sizes measure around 5 to 7.5 cm each. The funny thing is that mainstream archaeologists describe these as birds, lizards, etc. which are common in that region at that period. These figurines are deplaned at Museum in Bogotá.

Please note the below picture:

The model airplane, which you can see, is made of the exact dimension of the first figurine, which is dispelled as the first picture in this article. i.e., nothing has been added or removed. The figurine has been 3Dscanned, and dimensions have been expended to fit the engine in the model.

The model was created by two Germans by the names of Peter Belting and Conrad Lubbers. In 1994, the model was only a simplified radio-controlled scale model of this object. What was strange was that the model could fly and was aerodynamic.

Fact 1: The figurine doesn’t look like any bird or insect because no insect has a vertical tail

 Fact 2: The model which was built from the figurine was aerodynamic and could fly. i.e., it was a fully functional airplane.

Ok, now let’s go back further in time. Can you guess which epoch?

 Yes, Egyptians.

 Please note the picture below:

The small wooden bird shape object has aerodynamic properties. i.e., when it was tested in an air tunnel, it could fly. I understand that it looks like a bird, but please note the tail. The tale is horizontal. I don’t know of any bird which has a horizontal tail. Do you?

According to ancient astronauts’ theorists, this is also an out-of-place artifact. Is it proof of an airplane in ancient times? You be the judge.

Another astonishing picture which archeologists do not have any answer for it is below;

What do you see?

I see a helicopter, a vehicle that looks like a tank, an object which looks like a submarine, and at the bottom is an airplane. Do you see these objects?

Where does this picture come from? Well, as you may have guessed, this a picture of so-called “hieroglyphs” I an Egyptian tomb.

Does it prove anything? I don’t know, but it certainly makes you think.

As I have said before, I am not here to convince anyone. All I am doing to present an alternative way of thinking. Be safe, and God bless you.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and God bless you. If you like, the article shares it.

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