It is all about vibrations and frequency

It is all about vibrations and frequency

A great Greek philosopher gave an example of the nature of reality, which is subjective. In his example, a man is chained inside a cave with his back toward the entrance. A fire behind him reflects the shadow of people passing and reflection appears on the wall in front of this man. 

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Since he has not seen the actual people who create these shadows, these shadows for him are as real as other human beings for us.

Understanding this is difficult for us because we all know what a shadow is but for a person who has never seen a shadow and does not know how a shadow appears, this is a quite different story. It is like a person who has been blind whole his life and never seen an apple. Suppose this person gets his sight back. For him, a picture of an apple and a real apple is the same. He will try to grab them both.

I know this is a very deep philosophical interpretation of the reality we live in, and understanding it isn’t easy.

Let’s explore our reality and think about what everything is made of. We can say that everything is made of atoms and when we go deeper electrons and proton. These are all in movement and motion. If you think about it even, you as a person are in motion. Nature and the universe are always in motion. Although it may seem that sometime thing stands still, the fact is that not even for microsecond things standstill. Everything around us, including us, are in motion.

The fact that you are sitting motionless doesn’t mean that you are not moving. Think about it!
1960 String theory was introduced, and studies about this subject started.

If we explain this theory without much complication, it says that everything is made of string at the bottom, vibrating in a specific frequency to create specific matter.

My understanding of disclosures from different whistleblowers is that these vibrations are at different levels. Each level is a density. Suppose we explain density in simple words. A density is
“how dens light have been gathered in an entity.” As the planet, solar system, and the human evolves. We ascend to another density. We are currently in third density, and the next level for us is fourth.

When the change happens, the planet’s vibration will change, and humans will have a different vibration. To say that everything is vibration is not so accurate. The reason is that every vibration needs a medium to propagate. Of course, there is a filament in the universe in the form of energy in which vibrations are propagating.

If we get back to the man’s example in the cave, we see different vibrations and frequencies, which makes matter, but we are all energy in essence.

The good news is that energy doesn’t die; it cannot be destroyed. The bad news is that we have a long way to go to understand the real meaning of the term, “We are all vibrations and frequencies.”

What does this mean? Let me give you an example. In higher densities, we can create physical things that are also called distortion by just manifesting what is in our “mind.” People who do not understand this will take this action as magic. It is really simple, suppose you have pieces of wood. If you are skilled, you can make anything and shape these pieces of wood. This is called handcraft. We can do the same with the vibration around us. We can shape and make anything by changing the vibration and create a so-called distortion. The energy is all around us; We need to focus on the energy on the desired vibration.

Tesla already knew how to convert this energy into electricity. I am talking about the Tesla tower. Unfortunately, this information was lost, or it is hidden from us.

Scientists already know how to convert matter to energy.  The atomic bomb is one example, and burning wood and converting the wood to energy, which is heat and light, is another example. The fact that mainstream scientist still doesn’t know the other way around, i.e., to convert energy to matter doesn’t mean that it is not possible.

Whistleblower confirm that this is being done,

So next time you think about existence and the universe, remember everything is moving, and it is all about the vibration and frequencies.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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