Cellphones were already there in 1938

Cellphones were already there in 1938

When there is a discussion about Cellphones and smartphones, Apple and the iPhone are the first to come to mind. But actually, the first company which came out with a smartphone was IBM. The phone IBM presented in 1992 had already touch screen, email, fax, notes, and calendar. Unfortunately, this phone did not come to customers until 1994, but in this article, I want to show you that Cellphones were already there in 1928.

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According to some sources, there is an organization called SSP; SSP stands for the secret space program. No one knows when this organization started, but there are indications that it started between the first and the second world war. Sources claim that this organization has access to advanced technology many decades before normal people got access. One of the unbelievable claims is that SSP has access to time traveling and recruited different talents regardless of time. i.e., SSP collects people through time traveling as well.

This information comes from different  parts of the world, but the first source which provided information about SSP activities was a book called “Ra Material, The law of one.” The authors of the book, which received this information from an entity Called RA, were so shocked by this revelation that they did not dare to publish information at that time. Later on, this information was included and published. This book is one source of information and inspiration for me, but the content is not easy to digest.

It may be hard for you to understand that someone talks to another entity, but this is done daily worldwide. These entities are not the same; they are some who are positively oriented and others who belong to a negative orientation.

If you do not know what positive and negative orientations are, please refer to Blogish.net, and in the search box, write these words. There are many references in the blog for these two words.

I do not want to claim that the people below pictures are SSP members, but there was no other place you could get a cellphone at that time. I mean, the people in these pictures may simply be holding a box on their ears, although I don’t know why they should do that, it is, however, possible.


Cellphones were already there in 1938

The date is 1943; you see a man is keeping a device like a modern phone on his ears. If you look at the picture more carefully, you will see how his hand holds the device like anyone would hold a Cellphone nowadays.

The picture is authentic and available with one search on the Internet. Isn’t that WOW you? Later I will show you that Cellphone was there even in 1928. Some people call these people Time travelers; I believe these are the people from SSP, which already existed at that time.

Please note the second picture below:

In the picture, we see a sporting event, and someone between the audience is keeping his hand up and holding something that looks very much like a cellphone. If you look carefully, you can see the content in his cellphone, which is some sort of picture. As far as I know, the Cellphone was not invented in 1962.

There are two popular films which are available on the Internet; I will present you next picture:

Here we see a lady from 1928 speaking casually on her Cellphone while walking. I mean, it cannot be more obvious than this. She is keeping a communication device, which today we call it Cellphone, in her hand. It is so strange for me when people do not believe their own eyes. The picture below is from an old silent movie. You see the actor in between pauses is holding a cellphone and talking.

This silent movie was from Charlie Chaplin’s period.

So, was the first smartphone invented in 1992?! If so, where these people got their phones from, in 1928?

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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