Cellphones were already there in 1938

Cellphones were already there in 1938

When there is a discussion about Cellphone and smartphones, Apple and the iPhone are the first to come to mind. But actually, the first company which came out with a smartphone was IBM. The phone IBM presented in 1992 had already touch screen, email, fax, and notes and calendar. Unfortunately, this phone didn’t come to customers until 1994, but in this article, I want to show you that Cellphones were already there in 1938.

OK, above is what history as we know it says. Please note the picture below:

Cellphones were already there in 1938

The date is 1943; you see a man is keeping a device like a modern phone on his ears. If you look at the picture more carefully, you will see how his hand holds the device like anyone would hold a Cellphone nowadays.

The picture is authentic and available with one search on the Internet. Isn’t that WOW you? Later I will show you that Cellphone was there even in 1928. Some people call these people Time travelers; I believe these are the people from SPP, which already existed at that time.

Please note the second picture below:

This is a sporting event, and someone in the audience his keeping his hand up, and one can see a device in his hand which looks like a cellphone. As far as I know, the Cellphone was not invented in 1962.

There is two popular films which are available on the Internet; I will present your next picture:

Here we see a lady from 1928 speaking casually in her Cellphone while walking. I mean, it can not be more obvious than this. She is keeping a communication device, which today we call it Cellphone in here hand. It is so strange for me when people do not believe their own eyes. I will include a short film of this below. Watch and decide for yourself. What do you see?

Here is the clip:

Here is another picture I took out of the clip.

You can see a man again with a cellphone in his hand Charlie Chaplin’s period.

Here is the clip:

SO, was the first smartphone invented in 1992?! If so, where these people got their phone from 1928?

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