A synthetic living cell, this is crazy.

Scientists created a synthetic living cell and news about wars on other planets.

A team of scientists led by biologist Craig Venter is the first in human history to synthesize a living cell completely from scratch. The achievement comes at the end of 10 years of research by 20 scientists and the cost of around $40 million. (here is a link for the article).

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You may have noticed that I have used font type Bold and cursive for the world first. I will talk about this later in this article, but first, I would like to write about this discovery a bit more.

A living cell can be defined by an organism that reproduces and can convert energy or substance to create its energy and grow and reproduce.
For example, we can refer to the human body; we eat food and drink different liquids to give our bodies energy. The human body can convert food into energy. Every cell in a body spends energy to complete a task. This is the reason why our bodies can functions. i.e., that is why we are alive and can perform tasks.
The important thing about this synthetic cell (or so-called artificial cell) is its energy by Photosynthesizing. (in short, photosynthesis is a mechanism where most plant life converts sunlight to energy; for more info, please refer to this link).

This is a basic step to make an artificial life form, and by that, I mean a human-like synthetic body. Of course, you may think there is a long way to go to reach such a point that we can create living beings.

Now I would like to get back to the word “first” and why did I write with bold font. There is a whistleblower called Jason Rice. He has several episodes of disclosure in series called Cosmic disclosure, where he reveals very interesting information about the secret space program or SSP.
Please note that I do not confirm or deny what this person claims. This is up to the reader to decide. In my opinion, he seems to be honest, and he truly believes in the stories he tells. Another thing is that other whistleblowers have more or less confirmed the information he provides.

Jason Rice, in several episodes, tells the story of man maid biological/synthetic beings, which are used as soldiers to destroy indigenous people on distant planets. I know this sounds crazy and out of mind but
According to him, we have the technology to create creatures with different intelligence for different purposes.

If what he claims is true, this is not the first time humans have created synthetic living cells. The synthetic cell is the first step in creating a biological/synthetic creature.

I can give you a bit of background on Jason Rice because you will not find lots of information about him on the internet. Somehow he kept himself away from media and all the noises. I got familiar with him in a TV show called cosmic disclosure. I could not find anything about him on social media.

Jason Rice claims he was in the service of SSP as a soldier. He was deployed to three planets, and SSP, with an elaborate plan, succeeded in enslaving the indigenous people of that planet after several quick wars. In these wars, advanced Artificial/biologicals being were used to attack the planet. Jason Rice, together with other soldiers were not aware that these beings are sent from the same source as themselves. The idea was to create trust between indigenous people of these planets that humans help them defend themselves against these beings.

Again, I neither confirm nor deny what Jason Rice is saying; all I am doing is give you a new perspective on the news that comes out to mainstream media. As a curious reader, it is your job to research and find more information about the things you hear and read.

Remember this, not all the information you read on the internet is true, but there are lots of true information out there.

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In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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